The Big Fat Lie

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I was 9 years old, getting ready to tell the biggest lie of my life. I wasn’t planning on telling a lie, it just came out as an instinct. I had just came back from a camping trip with my uncle, grandpa, and my dad. It was my first camping trip ever. It included fishing, heights, and sleeping. Nothing too over the top, yet fun. After the trip we returned home, that night my mom was feeling curious so she pestered and bugged me and my dad asking how it was, what did you do, was it fun.

Later that night before I went to sleep she asked me again. I told her it was fun, but then , she asked me what did I do. This is where the lie started. I told her,” don’t tell dad I told this to you, promise.” She said I promise. This is where it got good. I said to her, “I was canoeing in my own canoe with my uncle a little ahead of me.

We were going back to our camp after about 2 hours of fishing, Suddenly there was somebody with a motor boat that came passed right next to me.

“The wave of the boat flipped me and the canoe over. I was trapped under the canoe under water. I swam up to get air but the canoe hit me in the head. Talking the breath away form me, I tried again with the little air i had left in my lungs and tried to swim to the side to avoid the canoe hitting my head but I failed.

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Luckily I had an oar in my hand and with it I drilled a hole in the canoe. I popped my head through the hole right before I passed out. My mom became outraged, “why did your dad not tell me about this!¨ I said I don’t know, maybe he forgot, but mom let me finish telling you how I got back to shore, I continued, “The shore where we had our camp was 10 miles away from where I was and my uncle was too far ahead to notice anything so I swam until I could see our camp, suddenly another motor boat came out of nowhere and was going right towards me, right before it hit me I ducked under the water until it passed me. It grazed my neck and the propellers almost cut me up.

My mom muttered under her breath I can’t believe you dad didn’t tell me this. I went on,” after swimming 10 miles I arrived at the camp. But everyone left looking for me. I was hungry after all the swimming so I had to catch a fish from the lake and cook it all by myself until my dad uncle grandpa all returned to find me eating. My mom said thanks for telling me this. I went that sleep happy that night, feeling like a pretend hero. That morning I found in the kitchen a bloodshot dad and mom arguing about if the story was real or not. My dad pleaded honey can’t you see he is lying. It is so obvious he doesn’t have enough muscle to do anything he told you, it’s so obviously fake. My mom asked me if it was true, did you lie. I tried to keep my pride and I said no, It wasn’t a lie. My dad face palmed himself and sighed. Without delay he said should we call your uncle if that was true. Before he could reach for his phone, I said sorry, I lied. My dad looked at my mom and said, I told you so.

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