“My First Lie” of Marina Mander

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The following sample essay on “”My first lie” of Marina Mander” is an analysis of a literary work. Roman shows an unusual child in a precarious from the outset situation dramatically worsened and the boy in premature ownership and insulation drives. That it can withstand the extreme emotional stress, he owes his intelligence and maturity, and at the same time certain naivety that the author has left him to protect him.

When Luca, with its nearly ten years about himself, his life and meditate around him, he realizes that the adult world is hardly compatible with his – these people are light years away from him.

What he perceives as he feels they can “do not know because you’re great.” With his mom is no different, “that, as it’s all about not remember my age.” Than the other adults

Luca is sensitive and intelligent. He has no difficulty in adapting to the conditions and to behave as it awaits its environment, especially Mama from him.

“I learned that the little things tell more convincing than the things themselves, and if you are careful on the little things that you can adults that everything is fine.”

Luca lives alone with his mentally fragile Mom, who is suffering from everything ends in -gie: “Psychology, neuralgia, nostalgia, strategy, allergy”. The worst is when mom is crying. Often times Luca would start crying so right when he feels like it. But he needs to get their act together. “For me it’s not, because Mama is so sad that I, as she can not be sad.

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Otherwise we drown.” Mostly he loves his mom, but sometimes anger overcomes him, “Mom is a stupid goat”, and indeed all adults – “I hate them.”

A Papa, who “like so a firefighter” could save, they have not. Whether dad died or whether he makes just somewhere a beautiful life, Luca do not know. He can the status quo not change anything anyway, so it fits very pragmatically the “official version” that “Papa has vanished into thin air” and is thus an orphan.

Lucas everyday runs dreary than that of its Classmates. While he was after school, because the elevator does not work out again, the many steps up to his home on the seventh floor up hauling must know he already know what to expect. Mama is not doing well, it will not open the door, she is lying in bed. Nevertheless, he hopes time and again that it could be different this time. If God already does not help, maybe he can conjure up the stairs? He counts touches, cooked with an even number with the right foot, skipping some, and if everything fits, yes, it will open the door and maybe even ask him how his day was …

can you imagine that this sensitive, little fellow considerate nor can be expected to more suffering? One day Luca finds his beloved Mama dead in bed. What does that mean, the boy can not capture. Probably she sleeps, thinks he and shakes it. Sure it freezes, considering he and cover it. He knows that it often takes medication and then wegdämmert in deep sleep. But then come to his doubts, and he suspects that something cruel, irrevocable has happened, no one must know of that because it would have terrible consequences for him. If he is an orphan, you will take him to an orphanage. Much he does not know from living in such a home, but his hangover Blu is he determined not allowed to take.

So he must “pretend as if nothing”. He teeming from his friends, neighbors and teachers towards finds passable excuses, he put off even moms friend on the phone. It even comes macabre scenes for comedy, as when Luca throwing napkins for mom and razor blades for the alleged father when shopping at the grocery store a package in the cart. A good week he can maintain this state of supposed normalcy. Then shrill ringing the bell, and Luca opens the door.

The author Marina Mander developed a dramatic and poignant story and give it only from the perspective of its protagonists. Unfortunately, they upgraded their narrator with a voice and thinking capacity, which is his age hardly accordance with and ensures amazement ( “It’s just a matter of choice of words. Words can change ideas and points of view sometimes. To be an adult, enough to use it, adult words, bloody hell. “). Who can see reason kidney as this boy, who as he commemorates the death of the grandfather who doubts Jesus’ resurrection, the irrevocability of the end of life and the decay can but our mortal not be as undetectable as it seems at Luca.

That exceptionally mature childlike awareness also consistent – including authentic simple language – can be taught, we know from many other coming-of-age novels, such as from review to Niccolò Ammaniti: “Io non ho paura” “apart from this fundamental break, Lucas extraordinary location is designed credible and convincing. in his monologues he is completely absorbed in themselves and rely on himself. he has no one to whom he can be trusted, and no one who could deliver him to the many questions that arise him answers. By observing and thinking he must piece together what himself. Sometimes he touches almost existential puzzle ( “small but lonely, this is so ? how big, but lonely “), but then he deal with again the worries of everyday life: how he should do laundry, where he has never used the machine What is the Geheimn?

The afternoons in the apartment appear intolerable, threatening to break it: “If there is too much silence is silence louder than noise. “He looks away, then looks for Mom, combing her tousled hair, sets out to her an apple, later dares no longer in her room, knowing what awaits him there, and again there are doubts . We feel Lucas distress, his loneliness and his great longing for love and protection. Especially painful it is when he asks for reasons and because there are none other than the injustice of this world and of fate, eventually.

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“My First Lie” of Marina Mander
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