Why Do People Lie Essay

Why we lie Lying has been around since the creation of human. Adam and Eve lied to god because they were scared after they ate from the forbidden apple tree. There are lots of reasons that could make people tell lies, Even though each reason might be different from the other in the end they all of them stem from one root cause which is being unable to bear the consequences of telling the truth. On the other hand, sometimes we lie because the truth may hurt someone we care about so we lie and from there we find some reasons why people lie.

A guy and a girl have been married for more than five years. After all these years, one day the girl told the guy that she had lied to him many years ago about her previous love relationships! Infect when the guy and girl first met and started dating, the girl told the guy that he is her first and only boyfriend (love).

.They got married after a long dating season. About five years later, the girl thought that she has to tell the truth to her husband and told him that she dated three other guys before him!

The girl lied to him because she was afraid that the guy would not accept her as she was if she would have told him that she dated three other guys before him and maybe that she had sex with them too! The husband smiled at his wife and said “that is fine honey, because you lied for a good reason just to keep me by you”.

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From this short story, we learn that lying can be used for good reasoning and it is not always bad. Moreover, when a person loves someone so much he/she will do anything to stay with that person including lying, and this type of lying is usually called white lie.

White Lie Example

There are many different types of white lies that are told, such as, lies of flattery for example; if someone gives another person a gift and the gift was not what the person wanted, this person would reply “thank you so much! I love it! ” This type of white lie is told because telling someone that their gift was undesirable would make the teller look like an inconsiderate being. On the other hand, lying is not always for a good reason even if people try because they do not want to hurt someone’s feelings.

A doctor had a clinic that was located next to a coffee shop where he buys his morning coffee every day before going to work. At the coffee shop there was a beautiful woman working there and the guy liked her and someday he asked her out. As they were dating, the guy told everything about his past to the girl and asked her too says everything about her past. The girl told the guy that she had four boyfriends before and that she had no sexual relationship with any of them, and that one of them cheated on her with her best friend.

She also told the guy that she has had some minor flirt relationships and kissed two other guys. The two of them dated for about ten months and everything was going as smooth as silk until the girl decided that it is time to tell the truth to her current boyfriend. So the girl told the guy that she lied and did not tell him about another guy with whom she had a relationship in the past. She told him that she met the guy on a social network some time ago before she started dating him and that she had sexual relationship with him and with another one.

The boyfriend was very angry when he heard this fact after ten months of dating. The guy responded to the girl by saying “if you would have told me the truth from the beginning, i would have stayed with you but now it is too late I cannot trust you anymore”. The girl lied to the guy because she wanted to stay with him for money only and not because she liked him. There are many reasons to lie and one of them is like the story above. Lying to others has good benefits for others to prevent from falling into their own problems and escape them but at the end they will get hurt because lying does not last for long time.

Once people learn how to lie successfully, they tend not to forget it because of the many benefits it brings. It is an art that progresses slowly from childhood into the adult years all the way to the last day we live. People lie to themselves and others for various reasons; some lie to make their story more compelling, a few lie to get them out of trouble, and others, such as lawyers, lie because they are accustomed to it. Even though people regard lying as a terrible thing, it is not. Lying does have its advantages.

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Why Do People Lie Essay
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