Why People Leave Google

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Why employees of Google are leaving? BY yuvn1300 Case Application It gets more than 3000 applications a day 1. And it’s no wonder! With a massage every other week, on site laundry, swimming pool and spa, free delicious all-you-can- eat gourmet meals, what more could an employee want? Sounds like an Ideal job, doesn’t it? However, at Google, many people are demonstrating by their decisions to leave the company, that all these perks (and these are Just a few) aren’t enough to keep them there.

As one analyst said ‘Yes, Google’s making gobs of money. Yes, It’s full of smart people. Yes, It’s a wonderful place to work.

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So why are so many people leaving? ” Google has been In the top five list of “best companies to work for” by Fortune magazine for four years running and was number one on the list for two of those four years. But make no mistake.

Google’s executives decided to offer all these fabulous perks for several reasons: to attract the best knowledge workers It can In an Intensely competitive, cutthroat market: to help employees work long hours and not eave to deal with time-consuming personal chores; to show employees thieve valued: and to have employees remain Goggles (the title used for employees) for many years.

But a number of Goggles have jumped ship and given up these fantastic benefits to go out on their own. For instance Sean Knapp and two colleagues, brothers Bismarck and Pleasurable, came up with an idea on how to handle web video.

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They left Google, or as one person put it, “expelled themselves from paradise to start their own company”. When the threesome left the company, Google really wanted them and their project to stay.

Google offered them a “blank check”. But the trio realized they would do all the hard work and Google would own the product. So off they went, for the excitement of a start-up. If this was an isolated occurrence, it would be easy to write off. But it’s not. Other talented Google employees have done the same thing. In fact, there are so many of them who have left that they’ve formed an informal alumni club of ex-Goggles turned entrepreneurs.

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Why People Leave Google
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