Classification Neat People vs Sloppy People

Throughout my life by me being a neat fanatic I have compared the lives and actions of neat people vs. sloppy people. My purpose is to entertain while comparing the role and actions of the two lifestyles to give an understanding of how neat and sloppy people view their world. In my analyzing and conclusions of analogues I’ve written I have informed not only mysef but friends, classmates and those who read my analogues of how neat people and sloppy people may think and what perspective of things and thoughts they have.

I have discussed my conclusions ( opinions) in a way of comparison and contrast as well as putting my readers/listerners in a mind frame of question about which one they are. At the same time the way I state a sloppy person is in a way of a neat person in a different definition of someone that keeps everything for reasons while comparing to a neat person of one with interest in nothing.

I have researched details of one lifestyle and how they may live to an understanding of the reality of others lives vs their own.

The comparison and contrast of how I speak on how the morals of a neat person life is and how a sloppy person’s life is, is giving an actual outlook of what goes on in the real world. But at the same time everyone is entited to thier own opinionso at the since it ay seem as if I stereotyping the life of neat people as if nothing matters to them or they don’t think twice of anything meaningful or sentimental or that I am also stating my own opinion about neat people and sloppy people while evaluating the lives of the two, but is using my own lifestyle as more direct detail.

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From my understanding I agree with the descriptive point of view in details of a neat and sloppy person to an extent of placing my own actions and life to tell. Such as myself I am a neat person but I keep a lot of sentimental. meaningful things such as cards, letters etc. In the opinions of others, keeping things or having things for along period of time with no purpose and that is just taken up spaced that coud be used for anything else or such as collecting is the lifestyle of a sloppy person.

On the other hand of my life I keep everything put away, in order, don’t like things out of place, throw away unnecessary mail and paperwork, and keep a clean house to say others may call me a neat freak. So in my opinion I am giving descriptive detail and comparison and contrast of the two but at the same time stereotyping the two.

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Classification Neat People vs Sloppy People
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