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Classification of Employability Skills Essay

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The sample essay on Employability

Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.

Employability skills are a range of skills that will allow a person to perform different jobs well. These are essential to be able to work effectively in a modern workplace. You can subdivide employability skills, I explain them below. Suitable qualifications. For different types of jobs there are different types of qualification required. Egg. Professional careers such as accountancy, human resources and marketing employers will often look for candidates with problem solving and critical skills who have at least A- level.

To work at TNT as Junior Legal Counsel you need a completed education business economics and you need National and/or international law degree. Experience in similar job roles. If you have done a similar work in a organisation, it should indicate that you can do this again in a other organisation. When you are applying for a job, you should thing about what experience you already have and if some of those experiences also can be successful in the new role.

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If you already worked in the same industry, you should make this very clear in your CV and letter of application because such experience could be very valued for the prospective employer. Experience of specific industry. If you can show that you have worked in a specific industry before, you should demonstrate this when you are applying for a job. If you already have worked in the same industry, employers do not have to train you again. TNT would appreciate experience.

Classification of Employability Skills

This means that a person is able to handle the functions that are described in the advertisement. Knowledge of services and products. To improve your chances by obtaining for a job if you can demonstrate a sound understanding of the products or services the company provides, so product knowledge is essential, especially if you want to work in a customer service role. TNT provides services. TNT has a website with a lot of information about all their insurances and services they provide, so you can read about the product you sell.

Effectiveness in meeting personal and team’s or departments targets. Meeting targets is essential for every business’s success, and employees must be able to meets targets too. If there is worked for targets in your previous jobs too, you should be able to explain how successful you have been in your job-interview or letter of application. TNT asks for someone who is not going to be stressed out at the end of the deadline. Planning and making schedules are necessary. Ability to observe and raise professional standards of production or service delivery

Employees who are able to work consistently with the standards of the organisation will be appreciated by the organisation, which aims are to improve the standards by suggesting and the implementation of better ways of doing the job are even more successful. Candidates who can describe or demonstrate how they have done this in previous posts will undoubtedly improve their chances of being employed. It’s not very useful to immediately wanting to improve standards by suggesting and implementing thins at once. When you are new, you first need to observe the company. Personal skills

Certain skills will be beneficial regardless of the job or career that you pursue and these transferable personal skills make a candidate attractive to a new employer. Hardworking and patient. Someone who gets a lot of work done is bound to be valued, if those workers spend much time with answering their mobile phones & surfing the Internet during working hours will not make a good impression. So have a good handle against the distractions of modern life. Patience is also required in many jobs, especially if you are dealing with members of the public! It’s not only TNT who needs people that are hardworking and patient.

Every manager would like these skills. It’s good for the organisation. Good interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills can enable us to get working along with other people, promoting good relationships at the workplace and enable us to do the work better or more efficiently. Some people are naturally good to get on with others and encourage colleagues, but it is possible to learn good interpersonal skills. If you think your skills in this area could be lacking it worth it will be active to them; these opportunities will make you more employable and will also allow you to do a better job.

Some interpersonal skills are very simple, such as smiling. A cheerful smile can split up barriers and encourage someone to listen and speak to you, remind yourself to smile because it is a good is beginning for improving tour interpersonal skills! TNT asks for good communications skills, you need foot interpersonal skills for this. Able to work as part of a team. Interpersonal skills will be crucial to your ability to work effectively in a team of people, but a series of skills and other considerations are also important.

By TNT you’re going to work in a central team of 4 lawyers assisted, teamwork is really important. Negotiation. Another useful skill for a worker is the ability to negotiate effectively. Negotiating deals with a subject with a view to some agreement or a common ground. At the beginning of the negotiations concerned parties usually have very different opinions about what should be done so that the art of negotiation is to find common ground that both parties can agree on – making it a ‘win-win’ situation.

Negotiation is the process of consent and may therefore be useful for resolving conflicts between members of staff, agreeing personal or departmental objectives, agreeing the financial resources and interviewing, especially for new employees. It may also be useful to personally negotiate salary increases and better working conditions. TNT don’t need someone who can negotiate very well. Interview skills. Interviewing skills can be useful in some contexts. Being able to interview clients or customers actually encourages the sale or improving relationships with customers will be useful for many organizations.

Moreover it will be a plus for the effective identification of the best candidates in the interviewing of potential new employees or dealing with situations for the assessment of the current members of the staff. TNT like to have them but for this advertisement it’s not necessary. Communication skills Formal and informal communication Formal communication includes board meetings, letters, formal reports and presentations. With formal communication you need to use specific formats and follow acceptable rules and conventions.

Informal communication doesn’t follow any prescribed conventions or formats and often happen spontaneously. Because TNT ask for a responsible attitude, you need to use clear communication to everybody so that everyone can understand what you are doing. Non-verbal/verbal communication methods Non-verbal communication involves written communication. Mostly common methods are letters, memos, reports, invoices, flow charts, publicity material, email, text messaging and web pages. Verbal communication involves those using the human voice such as presentations, interviews, meetings, telephone calls and video conferencing.

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