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In the early morning, Georgie Sinclair and her husband Rip compete for the installation of a toothbrush holder. But Rip changed the world with more important things. So a popliger job does not belong in the working field. He finally leaves the family. Now Georgie with her pubescent Ben alone. As Georgie after heavy Heulattacken the separation has survived, she ordered a container. Nothing to remember Rip

In the evening she hears noises. Rumble, clink of glass. but as someone brings things out of the dumpster! It is an old, skinny woman with a rhinestone occupied cap.

“Here barbarians have to live,” she mutters, enveloped by an intense, rigorous fragrance. How lucky you are preparing the old records with works by Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Prokofiev! Georgie imagines and Mrs. Naomi Shapiro pulls together with its fully loaded old pram away.

By chance the two meet again in the supermarket. In a corner of expired food to be relabeled. At vorderster Front fights Mrs.

Shapiro and scolds the bargain. She invites her new friend in her Canaan House for an evening menu

ungutem feeling Georgie approaches the hidden behind privet hedges, run-down old mansion: stray cats, musty smell;. just a little ray of sunshine gives off heat and the House something Enchanted. Also in the house stinks of cat urine and other disgusting things. Ubiquitous rubbish speaks of the many characteristics and interests of the eccentric resident. Thanks to heroic self-control eaten Georgie brave the inedible largely meal; some chunks accidentally falls to the ground – where immediately the cats to the welcome delicacy care

A few days later receives Georgie a call.

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“Darlink, I’m in the hospital, you can take care of the house and cats ? ” Now Georgie takes everyday a rapid new course, because she suddenly finds himself in battles on several fronts engaged to Mrs. Shapiro to facilitate the return to their “villa”. Like a plum cake wasps, so the house attracts brokers and even an employee of the social welfare office, because apparently there is a super property …

Marina Lewycka has sensitively her novel, written with love and devotion. Particularly well she manages a detailed image of the villa. The reader has every room and its interesting device – there is still an old tin tub claw foot – figuratively in mind

The self-assured Mrs. Shapiro is everywhere by their will.. The wrinkled face framed generous with blush and eye-catching lipstick on high heels with straps and dressed in their best bits – a Persian lamb that smells of mothballs, sweat and luxury perfume – she steps confidently on in the hospital. She goes into no home!

Not at all fit into this plot structure that Georgie developed a mini relationship with a broker. It remains superficial and cheesy ( “I could fall into his arms.”). Nor voices I find how the author Georgie’s son Ben has created: Of course he is allowed a modern cyber Kid be, but as an Internet home page he has selected “Antichrist”: Satan, the great deceiver, already live on earth .. be turned because the boy like that. must?

One of the themes that resonate in this novel is the conflict between Palestinians and Jews and the Palestinian conflict. Thus, concerns Mrs. Shapiro a mysterious story that reveals they Georgie gradually. But she was really married to the Jewish violinist Artem? A found in a chair crack photo shows next Artem another woman … And in a hardware store learns Georgie Palestinian Mustafa Ali know (who later repair work on Canaan House will perform). He tells her about the suffering of his family who was expelled by the Jews at gunpoint from their city Lydda 1948th but the historical and political issues remains rather on the edge; Marina Lewycka had no intention to work up the conflict between Palestinians and Jews.

The book is titled “Life stick”. Georgie working for a chemical company that manufactures a wide variety of adhesives. For the author, they symbolize the mysterious power that does it all hold together – figuratively perhaps Jews and Palestinians

A very entertaining, readable book


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