Make A Diary Entry About Your Most Unforgettable Moment

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Diary Writing An unforgettable Experience Dear diary, Summer holiday is always a wonderful time for everyone, especially for me. Yesterday was a good day because of the bright sunshine, the lovely sleeping and eating. My life (was so) ;perfect during this Summer vacation. While I was having tasty sandwiches for lunch, my best friend, Tummy, called. How sweet it is for a friend to call you when you really need her! But she just called to ask me about the HOMEWORK! Was shocked at once.

I haven’t done any of it! Oh my God! How could finish all of it in only 2 days?

Essay Example on Diary Writing Of My Summer Vacation

I quickly went back to my room and threw out all the things from my schoolbag. There were tons Of homework, including Chinese, English, Math’s and 28 days’ diaries(that I needed to I looked at the clock again and again. It was already 9 p. M. So, I took all of it down to my grandfather’s room and hoped that he could help me.

” Grandpa, I know you are handsome and strong! So, please… Can you help me to do my homework? ” I know my grandpa well. He is too soft- hearted. He always helps me and teaches me a lot of things about my tough homework.

He has never said’ no”! I thought he could say “yes” this time as well. He smiled at me and at last said” This was all because of my mum.

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) As she walked by and heard our conversation, she looked up at grandpa and me with a scowl, we were so scared that we finally gave up. What an unforgettable day! Need to do all of the homework by myself in 2 days!? After I had done all of them, I got a cold and fever.

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Make A Diary Entry About Your Most Unforgettable Moment
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