Air Pollution Chart After reviewing Chi. 8 and 9 of your text, complete the following table, then respond to the questions that follow: Issue Sources Health/Environmental Effects Carbon dioxide (CO)Carbon oxides Effects global warming. Chlorofluorocarbons (CIFS)Pullman made by humans Allows solar IV to reach the earths surface. Ground-level ozone (03) Pullman made by humans Global warming, smog Sulfuric acid (HOSES) Sulfur oxides Irritate respiratory tract Note: Some pollutants may not have direct health effects. Choose one Of the following atmospheric issues: air pollution, global arming, ozone depletion, and acid deposition.

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Then, respond to the following: ; What air pollutants combine and contribute to this issue? Carbon dioxide and other gases such as methane,nitrous oxide,chlorofluorocarbons and troposphere ozone accumulate creating global warming. ;Briefly describe the health and environmental problems caused by the selected atmospheric issue. There are several effects due to global warming such as changes in sea level,changes in precipitation patterns, and effects on agriculture, human health and other organisms.

The changes in reciprocation patterns may cause more droughts. The climate changes will also affect the populations, communities, and ecosystem.

Global warming affects the earths climate which will submersibles for many things. ; provide one key solution to help either reduce the effects or recover from the effects of the selected issue. There are several things we can do to reduce the effects from global warming such as recycling, using environmentally friendly items, and driving less. I think we will just have to adapt to global warming, because I believe it to be inevitable.

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