Vegan Lifestyle Is More Expensive but Not Healthier

Vegans are people who do not consume meat or anything that comes from animals Their diet is mainly whole grain foods, fruit, and vegetables. In addition to not eating anything from animals, they also don’t wear materials that come from animals After speaking to several vegans, I have learned that most of them chose to become vegan because they realized the condition in which animals were being kept, Others became vegan in hopes of becoming healthier, Then, I had a question, “Can a person become healthier after starting a vegan lifestyle?” In order to better understand veganism, I will immerse myself in living the vegan lifestyle for the next two weeks and note any changes that my body goes through during this journey Based on the assumptions of my family and friends, I hope to prove whether or not becoming a vegan makes you a healthy person, or if there is more to the concept of being healthy.

When asking my family members what their first thought when they heard the word “vegan”, most of them replied with “healthy”, Then, I asked them what made them assume that all vegans are healthy.

They told me that there was no way that you could be a vegan and not be healthy, When I protested that assumption, some of them continued to question my knowledge and tell me that there was no way a vegan cannot be healthy. My purpose of this paper is not to prove them wrong, but to see if their assumptions are correct Now, I recognize that you cannot hold a perfect account of health after eating vegan food for two weeks, but I hope to witness some changes in my everyday life.

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Even if it is as small as having more energy through the day, After questioning my family, who are all proud omnivores, I proceeded to contact my high school friend who has been vegan since the beginning of high school.

When I asked her the reason why she became vegan, she told me that it originally started out as her wanting to try something new for high school, She also told me that she hoped to become a healthier person from it, too. She said that for the four years that she has been vegan, her weight has fluctuated She keeps going from being at a healthy weight to slightly overweight for her age. She got emotional when she told me that at one point, she was almost twenty pounds overweight and that she had no idea what she was doing wrong, and that she thought going vegan would help her stay thin. She does not like to go to the gym so everything that she’s eating is still just sitting in her body. According to my 9′” grade health teacher, in order to keep from gaining weight, you have to burn calories That is where the other part of my immersion came in. While doing this vegan diet I will spend one weekjust eating vegan food and record my results, then I will spend one week eating vegan food and going to the gym every day.

I am almost certain that eating vegan food and working out will improve my health. My theory is that I will become healthier working out and eating healthy than I would by just eating healthy. At the end of the two weeks, I hope to prove my theory correcti During the second week, I will go to the gym every day. In the gym, I will work on the treadmill, lift weights, and play volleyball. I will record my results at the end of the second week and I hope I have some significant changes, Since I sweat a lot while playing volleyball, most of the calories from the food will be burnt. I am also going to keep track of my heart rate while working out. Ijust hope that I do not have a hard time throughout these two weeks. The first day of my vegan diet was the hardest out of the fourteen days that I have endured Since I eat all of my meals in the cafeteria, I had to rely solely on what they were serving.

For breakfast, the only vegan things that the cafeteria had were grapes and cantaloupe. When I realized that there were no other options for me to eat, I went to the CVS and bought more vegan-friendly food, At that point, I became hesitant to continue my immersion because I was worried that I would have to continue doing that for the whole two weeks, but I was wrong. Throughout the rest of the first week, my mornings consisted of eating various fruit and nuts. Some days were harder than others, but I still stuck through it. I would have a salad every single day for lunch and dinner, and I would eat nuts and sunflower seeds as snacks throughout the day. At the end of the first week of my vegan diet, I had lost no weight. I felt slightly more energized, but that was the only change that I noticed. When the first week ended and it was time for me to start going to the gym, I became hesitant again.

When I was on the way to the gym on my first day of working out and my eighth day of my vegan diet, my nerves were building up in me. I was so nervous that I would do something wrong or break something, my biggest insecurity is always feeling like I am in someone’s way. When] entered the gym, I went straight for the treadmill and started walking I felt like everyone around me was giving me judgmental stares, I was out of my comfort zone and I felt like everyone could see itt Eventually, I realized that I shouldn’t care about what people around me were thinking I was there to improve my health and I was going to do just that. That day, I was in the gym for four hours, I was bursting with energy and I was energized for the following day. I noticed that once I stopped worrying about the others around me, I was working harder and losing myself in my workout regimen. I felt better than I ever have before.

For the rest of the second week, I would go to the gym directly after my English class and stay there until almost 6 o‘clock in the evening. The humorous stares slowly went away and I was slowly feeling more confident being in the gym, At the end of the second week, I decided to continue going to the gym every day after my immersion was overt I loved how being in the gym made me feel both energized and exhausted at the same time. I recognized plenty of positive results, but I also recognized a negative result. I would quickly become exhausted after my workouts and it was getting harder and harder for me to wake up at a certain time in the morning. I found myself falling asleep in my classes or zoning out and missing important things that my instructors would say. At the end of the second week, I found out that I lost five pounds. I was really happy with the results and excited to find out what would take place after my immersion. I decided that I would still eat healthy after the two weeks, but it would not be a vegan diet.

Not only is being a vegan expensive, it is also a very tedious task. When you are a vegan, you have to know every ingredient in certain foods just to make sure that they count as “vegan-friendly”. I do not pay that much attention to my food, so that task proved to be difficult for me. My point here, that becoming a Vegan does not automatically get you a healthier individual, should interest those who are thinking of becoming a vegan in hopes of those results, Beyond this limited audience, however, my point should speak to anyone who cares about the larger issue of the misunderstanding of Veganism. Most people easily misinterpret the concept of becoming a vegan. Most people choose to become vegan just so they can instantly become healthier. I hope that after reading this immersion essay, you understand that there is hard work put into being a healthy individual.

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