Vegan Diet Promotes Better Cardiovascular Function

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Being a vegetarian is a personal choice which is based on not eating meat, fish or chicken but only eating vegetables, fruits or seeds due to moral, religious or personal decisions. One of the reasons why vegetarians choose not to eat meat is because they want to prevent the killing of animals massively.In my opinion not everybody should be vegetarian because it is important to have enough energy and proteins which can´t be found or taken from vegetables.

On the religious view is okay to be vegan but, they think that god has create animals to eat.

that cause a dilemma because killing is a sin but jesus permit catolic to eat animals. Difficult nutritional supplementation.Substitutes exist, but they are not the same.Nutrients are not absorbed in the same way.

There are many deficiencies that must be supplemented.The proteins of the meat are necessary for our body to repair and build the cells. It is necessary for normal growth and development, especially during childhood.

Proteins are made of amino acids and are found in any animal source in large quantities, but especially in red meat: 6 grams of meat contain 42 milligrams of protein.Meat also contains micronutrients-vitamins and minerals-such as vitamin A, B, D, and K, as well as copper, chromium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc.

The benefits of these micronutrients are varied and necessary for good health: a clear example is iron, necessary to transport oxygen through the blood and avoid all food, especially meat must be consumed in a controlled manner to avoid diseases, such as high amounts of cholesterol that do not contribute to good health.

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This would control the indiscriminate killing of animals Less cholesterol in blood.By not eating foods of animal origin, there is greatest control of cholesterol.There are studies that show that the vegan diet helps a better functioning of the cardiovascular system. Prevents cancer.

By ingesting a large amount of fiber product, the possibility of colorectal cancer is reduced. In addition, vegetables contain many anticancer nutrients, such as antioxidants.However, if everyone consumed vegetables there would be an imbalance in the environment since they fulfill a function no less important than the human being’s diet.

In summary, we can observe from what we have learned that the healthiness of the diet does not depend in itself on the beliefs, currents and philosophies or fashion, but on the adequate contribution of each of the nutrients to it, guaranteeing a good quality at all times. food and a nutritional profile appropriate to our way of life, our way of thinking, and without risking health. To finish, we have to think and understand that any balanced diet that we join, is only part of a healthy lifestyle.

We must not forget to also include other adequate and complementary habits such as performing physical exercise frequently. But what is really vital, if you decide to take any type of diet is consulting it and follow it under strict control by a doctor and a nutrition professional, who will advise and guarantee you that the diet that you choose not suffer from deterioration of the necessary nutrients based on your expectations of energy consumption.

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