Becoming Vegan by Redwave

Veganism is considered a very extreme lifestyle by many people For most of the world’s population, the idea of completely removing animal products from their diet seems impossible. However, in the video Becoming Vegan by RedWave, Rachel Lowe decides to tackle the challenge and try veganism for two weeks. Throughout her journey, she speaks with others who have made the choice to be vegan and documents her findings The documentary is correct in notng that vegan products are hard to find, the diet is currently on the rise, and for the lifestyle change to be successful a person must not only have a community of support, he also needs to believe in his reasons for making the transition.

First and foremost, the documentary takes notice of the fact that vegan products are extremely hard to find in stores Many products are not marked as vegan, and even those that are marked as vegetarian are not necessarily vegan as well It takes a focused mind to study all of the ingredients to be sure the product is, in fact, vegant For a period of time, I was placed on a strict gluten-free diet.

While these two are very different, they are both diets that are very hard to shop for. oftentimes, I would have to go to several different stores in order to find everything that] was looking for, because one store did not have it all, i found, and the video suggested as well, that it is easier [0 stick to fresh produce as often as possible.

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The video also points out that it makes online food shopping nearly impossible It is much harder to examine the ingredients label on a computer screen, especially because the whole thing might not always be included on the website Another fact that the video is correct in pointing out is that the vegan diet is currently on the rise. Many celebrities have recently decided to go vegan, which gives a good spotlight on the lifestyle.

During interviews, if the celebrity is open about their diet it is often brought up This gives veganism some much-needed media attention. Many doctors are also starting to take notice of the health benefits of a vegan diet, which mostly affect the heart Because of the fact that a vegan diet is plant based, [here is less of a chance that the food contains saturated fats, which is known to cause high cholesterol and heart disease, The diet also requires strict examination of the ingredients in a product, which makes a person more aware of what is in their food, and so, less likely to buy unhealthy products As more people see the benefits, they begin to change their diet. Finally, the video points out that committing to veganism requires not only a community of support, it also requires personal believe in the reasons behind deciding to make the change.

While support from those around is a major factor, if a person is not strong in their stand behind veganism, he will ultimately failt It is almost like committing to a religion A person can be surrounded by people of a certain faith constantly supporting their belief, but if he never finds faith within himself, no one around him can force him to believe. This is why Rachel ultimately decides at the end of the video not to continue in a vegan lifestyle She did not believe in the reasons behind it. Becoming Vegan by RedWave makes three very true and valid points about veganism. It is hard to transition into the lifestyle because it is so hard to find products that support it. However, it is starting to becoming more recognized in the media because of more celebrities deciding to become vegan and doctors recognizing the benefits to the heart Like any lifestyle change, veganism takes a lot of commitment and a belief in the principles behind it.

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