Changing Their Lifestyle And The Lifestyle of Children

While Europe was becoming crowded, Native people in the americas became prosperous. Then “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Little did these ancient people know that Columbus would change their lifestyles, and there children’s lifestyles, forever. There are many factors that go into the almost extinction of the American indian, but the most effective factors were new disease and war. The Indian removal act happen from 1814-1824 and displaced more than 46,000 people. One of the most well known migrations called the trail of tears.

This was when the Cherokee were forced off their land without being able to gather their belongings. More than 4,000 people died due to starvation and disease.

Who, you may ask is to blame for this sad event, well a lot of people! But the most accountable person some may argue is Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson served in congress at a young age. Jackson fought Indians but he adopted two Indian children. He made money in a cotton business and owned slaves.

Reservation life is near into poverty. Many people on the reservations have no running water. While teenagers get addicted to drugs and alcohol and lose themselves. Many native people are losing their culture because of the next generations neglecting to their culture. One of the most recognized native Americans is Pocahontas. Pocahontas was a Powhatan woman, she was born around the year 1595 in Virginia. She was known for her involvement with the English colonial settlement at Jamestown.

She saved John smith by placing her head on his head at the moment of his execution.

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She was made famous her Disney movie, “Pocahontas.” Natives made jewelry starting in 8800 B.C.E. Back then they shaped shells and stones into jewelry. Each tribe had their own unique jewelry and art that was based off of their beliefs. They often made special colored reeds for weaving different colored baskets. Still to this day they make beautiful crafts and goods to sell at state fairs. Pow wows are a large and unique piece of native american culture. They celebrate it like a large family reunion with an arrangement of food, clothing, and crafts.

In modern times Pow Wows are a fun get-togethers, usually hosted by the nearby tribes. People enjoy all of the positive energy that goes around during a Pow Wow.Most of us probably have at least 1 book in our home libraries about native Americans. It’s no surprise that their wild and amazing stories have inspired writers for decades. Books that are based on their history, stories, and adventures. These books come in many genres. In the past only native American history books were published. But as time went on more child friendly titles were published. Now there is a large variety of American Indian books to choose from. There are many amazing native americans who have changed history. Some date from now, to all the way back to colubise’s time. One of them is an astronaut, his name is John Herrington.

There is also a native american fashion artist, her name is Jamie Okuma. Earlier in our slides, we also talked about pocahontas, who was also another important native American figure in history. There are so many awesome, inspiring native american football players. Along with the other iconic native American symbols in football like the redskins. One of the greatest athletes in the world was John Thorpe. It seemed that Thrope could do any sport he tried. As you can see native Americans have greatly affected the american society. This rich and amazing culture was not the “indian” that we usually call them, but an amazing diverse people. For the reasons above you can now clearly see how these amazing people have affected our boiling pot society.


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