A Discussion on the Americans' Desire for Healthier Food

At first, the thought of the future of American dining being fancy meals may be hard to believe. But more and more Americans are demanding higher quality and healthier food. The fast food restaurants that we grew up with are very slowly starting to fade away as members of this generation are taking their families to restaurants that offer more healthy and non-processed options New players in the restaurant chain world are bringing us fast, yet still wholesome food in a development that is shocking that it took so long to catch on, The growing desire for healthy, non-processed foods is taking a major toll on fast food restaurants.

People are willing to pay for a better quality meal these days instead of getting something cheap and fast. “The fact that more Americans are eating out regularly and are more anxious about the quality of their food creates the need for good, quick, everyday options.” (McCarron, 2015, p 5) Current quick-service restaurants are creating gimmicks in order to keep their falling population.

New chains are being added to the market that offer “healthy” fast food.

Studies show that adding the word “healthy” to the menu attracts a lot more customers looking for better options, Since American’s are eating out more regularly than in the past, they are more anxious about making sure they can get the best quality food they cant Current fast food chains are finding it difficult to maintain their customer base. They are trying to find new gimmicks to attract their population back, some being healthy or made to order options, others being better presentation or free perks with a meal.

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Among these chains is McDonald’s, which has tried gimmicks such as selfies or mason jars, and adding items to their menu. People these days are straying away from unhealthy, processed fast food. One major change that McDonald’s made to boost their sales was adding all-day breakfast. Breakfast items are among their most popular, and this helped them to raise sales by 4%.

Though it is inconvenient for all franchise owners to switch gimmicks and train employees, the rising sales is making everyone at McDonald‘s optimistic for the future. Many restaurants are switching little things in their menu to make them healthier, such as adding more grilled chicken and less fried chicken, and adding organic vegetables and farm-raised meat, Though these changes do not sound large, they attract a certain population that is looking for more responsibly- made food. Fast food was extremely popular in the past because it was cheap and convenient, Though, people in this generation are realizing that the over-processed food is unhealthy and leading to serious health problems in several individuals New quick-service restaurants are trumping the market, with organic and farm-raised food options, Gimmicks allow older quick service restaurants a temporary fix for their population and sales, but as they fade so do their customers.

New chain restaurants also face the problem of wanting to pay their employees a living wage while serving fresher foodsi Organic food costs much more than frozen, processed foods, and it is difficult for a new chain to be able to have enough funding to provide both. To conclude, past fast food customers are searching for more healthy options, They are straying away from places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell to find places that will serve them less processed and more fresh foods, Though these options are often more expensive, they are willing to pay the price. Quick-service chains are losing their population and are trying to add gimmicks to bring customers back Some of them are working, but the population of people who want healthier options is growing rapidly. I found this article very interesting, yet very difficult to read, It was informative, but the writing style made it hard to understand, There was a lot of unnecessary information that I had to dig through to get to what I needed to write about.

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