Toy Story Movie Review

On November 22, 1995, the world changed for the better when Toy Story hit theaters all around the world. This family, animation comedy movie was targeted for kids but touched people of all ages. Toy Story was nominated for three Oscars in 1996 and earned a little more than $373 million dollars worldwide in the opening weekend, which caused it to earn its spot on the best movies of all time, ranking 91st. I believe that you could compare Toy Story to The Walking Dead because the hero of both is a police officer and they creepy toys represent the zombies.

I know that is a long shot but just sit back and think about it. This movie touched me dearly when it comes to many things. Toy Story is all about little toys that spring to life when no real-life people are around. One toy named Woody (Tom Hanks) is the main character’s, Andy favorite toy.

One day, Andy gets a new toy named Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) for his birthday which makes Woody jealous.

Although Buzz is just a toy, he thinks he is an actual superhero astronaut, who is stuck on a different planet. One day, Buzz falls out of a window and all the other toys blame it on Woody saying that he pushed him. After falling out the window Woody and Buzz join forces to find their way back to Andy but along the way, Sid (Erik von Detten), the crazy neighbor who destroys toys and then puts them back together in crazy combinations, finds them and takes them home with him.

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While all of this is happening, Andy and his family began moving to a new house. -IMDb On a good note, this movie teaches us that jealousy will get you nowhere in life, in fact, it could make your life worse.

Throughout the majority of the movie, Woody is jealous of Andy’s new toy Buzz, but we soon realize that his jealousy will get him nowhere. The fact that the director, John Lasseter, includes this tells us good things about him and the movies. He knows that it is the little things that matter, for example, the fact that he included real-life situations, such as jealousy is addressed and in the proper way. Likewise, the fact that Buzz goes through an identity crisis represents what kids go through when they are trying to figure themselves out. Although Buzz figures out that he was made in a factory through a commercial on tv and we have to figure it out on our own, its very much the same. For example, when I was a young teenager I thought that I wanted to be someone who wore always wore black and dark eye makeup. I understand that Buzzes situation is different but it is also quite the same, he thinks he is from outer space but finds out that is not who he is at all.

On the same note, Toy Story also shows us that people’s looks do not always tell us what kind of person they are. For example, the toys that Sid destroyed and then recreated look mean and hateful but turned out to be very nice toys. Woody and Buzz thought that these toys were going to kill them but instead the young boy, Sid, and his dog, Scud, are trying to kill them. This is a good thing because it teaches us that just because someone’s appearance causes them to look like a bad person, it does not mean that they are. On the other hand, there is a lot of violence throughout the whole movie, starting with Woody “pushing” Buzz out the window and ending with Sid destroying his toys and bullying his little sister. When kids see violence they tend to act in the same ways that they have seen. Although the violence in this movie is not horrible, it also is not promoting good behavior which could cause kids to act out.

Besides just Sid showing violence, the toys also show it between each other. For example, when Buzz and Woody get into a fight underneath the car or when the Etch-a-Sketch threatens Woody. This behavior also does not promote good behavior and kids should know that they should act in those ways. Other than the fact that this movie promotes violence it also promotes that we should help people in need. (PLOT SPOILER) At the end of the movie when Buzz and Woody are trying to get into the moving van, all the toys join together to help them get into the back of the van. The toys joining forces to help get them back into van tells kids that if they see people in need then they should help them. Likewise, this was the first full-length movie entirely composed of computer-generated animation. Although at first, they did not think it would be a big deal it turned out to be a huge deal.

This opened up the world to many computer-generated animation movies. Disney once fired Lasseter because he was proposing the idea that they do animation movies all on the computer but they rehired him than this movie became a huge hit. Another thing that makes Toy Story a good movie is the fact that the whole movie is very funny. This movie is not just funny for kids but it is also funny for adults. They tend to make adult jokes like when Woody tells Buzz that he has had enough tea and then Buzz seems drunk. Another adult joke that is made is when Little Bo Peep (Annie Potts) flirtatiously asks Woody if she should find someone else to watch the sheep for the night. When we were kids we wouldn’t have found these jokes funny but it is only because we did not understand them but know that we do we realize how funny the movie actually is.

Another good thing about the movie is the fact that they are always using good angles. Even though it is an animation movie, we still see everything from a good “camera” angle. Although it is not filmed like an action movie we still have to take into consideration what we are seeing when things are going on. Do you think that many people would actually consider the angles in an animation film because I do not. Think about it, if you are seeing two characters but you are hearing to two different characters argue then you are going to want to see the argument not just see the other two characters stand there watching.

On the other hand, Woody seems to be an absolute jerk to all the other toys. Now I know this relates back to the whole violence situation I talked about earlier but this is a little different. Woody is constantly being a jerk but it is not that noticeable so most people do not notice it. This could also teach kids that it is okay to be mean to the people who are nice to you or the people that you are friends with. Although it seems that Toy Story tends to promote violence and teach children that it is okay to be mean to people, it is a good movie overall. It seems that there are many more good things than there are bad things, which in turn makes this a good movie. Toy Story touches people in a way that they did not even realize, it teaches them many things.

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