How Does The Height Of A Ramp Affect The Distance Of A Toy Car

I will carry out an experiment to answer this question.I will do this by making a ramp with an adjustable height and rolling a toy car down it to see how long it travels before it stops. I will then work out the work done by using this equation -Force (n) x distance (m) = work done (mgh)I predict that the greater the slope of the ramp the longer the model will take to stop.This will happen because the higher up the car is, the more potential energy it has, when it is released the potential energy is turned into kinetic energy, the more potential energy the car has the more kinetic energy it gets, the more kinetic energy the car had the further it will travel.

The car will slow down eventually as the friction will get too great for the kinetic energy to keep it moving. this means the more energy the car has, the longer it takes to stop, so the higher the ramp, the further the stopping distance.

I will test the stopping distance on 5 different height ramps ranging from 0.37m to 0.77m, and I will repeat the experiment 5 times as to eliminate ant anomalous results.Fair test-To make sure the experiment is a fair test I will keep all non-variable aspects of the experiment the same (Ramp, stand, surface, toy car, ruler and where on the ramp the model starts) the only thing I will change is the ramp height.Equipment-In my experiment I will use:* 2m length of guttering* Small toy car* Floor* Ruler* Stand* ClampMethod-1.

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set ramp on stand so starting point is 0.37m from the floor2. set the car at the top of the ramp3. let the car go down the ramp4. measure the distance from the bottom of the ramp to where the car stopped5. repeat steps 2-4 5 times6. change the ramp height to be 0.1m higher7. repeat until all 5 heights have been tested 5 timesSafety-The toy cars can be unsafe if left lying around, so always keep an eye on themand put them safe when not in use.Results-Ramp hight (m)Mass (kg)Breaking force (n)Breaking distance (m)Average breaking distance (m)1.260.940.370.490.18130.90.820.750.250.421.670.470.490.23031.41.2421.521. results show that my prediction was right, the higher the ramp the greater the stopping distance.

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How Does The Height Of A Ramp Affect The Distance Of A Toy Car
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