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This is story about toys. When I was a child, I didn’t have many toys, so I new Andy, because it appears that he has many toys. He and other children characters seem to like doll toys. But I preferred stuffed toy animal. I have thought they come alive at midnight and play all sorts of pranks. In this movie, toys come alive when there is no one around. But they are very funny. If I watched it earlier, I might also have liked dolls.

Woody is the Andy favorite toy, and the leader of his toys. His character is a cowboy, so his style looks western. On his back, there is a string with a ring at its edge.

Pulling it, he says some words. Actually he is a wooden doll and a little old. But Andy loves him heartily. Buzz Lightener is the toy space ranger and the latest model toy. He has some buttons on his body, and pushing them, he says some cool words clearly.

Pushing the other buttons, his arm gives Off red laser or he spreads his wings. Moreover he has a strong sense of Justice, so almost all the toys like him. Slinky is funny and my favorite character. He is the Woodsy best friend. When Woody was in trouble, only two he and Boo Peep worried about him. Boo Peep is the shepherd doll and has beautiful blue eyes.

Woody loves her. Rexes is also my favorite toy, a dinosaur who is not at all dreadful.

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He is scared if the stronger dinosaur appears, on the other hand, looks forward to seeing herbivorous dinosaur because he wants to be proud that he is fresh-eating. He is such a funny and cute toy, I thought. Andy is the owner of there toys and he loves toys. He writes his own name at Woodsy sole . Side is Andy neighbor. He also likes toys, but he loves remodeling toys. After that, the toys were done so are left themselves for the long time. Andy mother presented him the latest toy, Buzz Lightener, a space ranger.

Andy was absorbed in him soon. Woody envied Buzz. One day, they left at the gas station in accident and tried to return to Andy. But they were on bad. Moreover, they were taken by Side. At his house, they started to be reconciled little by little. Buzz helped Woody from a cage and Woody saved Buzz’s life. After that, they could return to Andy together. Toys have their own character. Boo Peep also needs for Andy even though she is female and a doll for girl, because she has a role. I thought if there are various kinds of people, our real world may be more interesting.

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