Shopping for Children: Piaget Toy Project

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While in the toy store I watched owe kids were interacting with one another, and how they handled some of the toys. Having, a niece, nephew, and Godson who are infants it was easier to find toys for the seniority stage. Not all toys on the market are labeled for the right age group. There are some toys for two year old that are way too complex for them to understand.

Because of the complexities they will not know how to use it which can result to them hurting themselves eventually.

This was a very interesting project, I learned a lot about different toys, now knowing about these stages shopping for children in my family will be a lot different. Pigged argued reality involves transformations and states. Transformation is all aspects of change a person can undergo.

States is the condition or appearance which things or people can find between transformations. (Ex: Shape- Humans features change as they grow) If intelligence is to be adaptive there must be functions of reality and transformation. Operative: Active part of intelligence, involves all actions, anticipate transformations of objects or people of interest.

Figurative: Less active, representation used to retain in mind states that intervene between transformations. Pigged also focused on assimilation, and accommodation. Assimilation is the input/ direct information processing, info contradicts the mental map (schema). Accommodation changes the schema to fit the new information also known as the output.

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Seniority is the first stage of Piglet’s developmental theory which begins at birth and lasts until 2 years of age. They are able to discern themselves from the environment, understanding environment still exist outside of their reach.

Infants construct knowledge and understanding of the world by experience (vision, and hearing). They interact physically with objects by sucking, grabbing, touching, etc. Since they are able unable to predict reactions they constantly experiment and learn through trial and error. Use of motor activity and reflexes without use of symbols are also learned during this stage. Language development occurs when a child turns 2. Object permanence (7-9 months): demonstrates memory is developing, infants realize objects are there even when it’s out of sight.

The Toy Project

Fisher Price Musical Tether Ring price: $15. 96 Product Details Features fun sounds, debatable surfaces, and bright colors Each of 3 buttons individually activate their own sound effect and song A link is included so baby can play with the Keys wherever he or she is All 3 keys are having a debatable surface Handy link for take-along fun This toy is perfect for this sage because it allows the child to touch, grab, and the texture is perfect for an infant while teething. There are many colors and shapes which is educational for a child. Melissa & Doug Pound a Peg Wooden Bench price: $9. 9 Product description Pound the eight colorful wooden pegs into the wooden bench then, flip it over to peat the activity again and again! Four pairs of pegs for color matching and (manufacturer’s review) wooden hammer included . This toy may seem perfect for a 1 or 2 year old, but according to the reviews the pegs are easy to go through the holes. Which means the hammer is pointless because a child can easily force the pegs through the holes by hand. The pegs aren’t soft, so if a child tries to chew or suck on it, chances are they will hurt themselves. The operational stage occurs during toddlers and early childhood (2-7).

At this stage a child learns to use language to able objects by words and pictures. Egocentric thinking- a child believes you see and know what they know. They do not see other people’s side of view. Ex: if I have two sided picture and I ask a child what he sees, he will tell me, NOW if I ask him what I see he is going to expect that I am seeing the same picture as him. They have the ability to classify objects by single features such as shapes with shapes, and color with color. Memory and imagination is developed during this stage. Children engage in make believe understand and express relationship between past and future.

Mega Blob Barbie FAA Marina price: $44. 99 Product Description Barbie and Ken can Jump on their Jet skis for a fun water adventure or sit back and enjoy the cool water breeze in the summer sun with the Glam Vacation Series FAA Marina from Mega Blobs Barbie. Build Barbie’s climactic Marina and enjoy the summer out on the water alone or with friends. Barbie and Ken can Jump on their cool Jet skis and zoom out for a fun time on the water, have an awesome party on the floating patio while buying a hot dog or ice cream, or quietly watch luxurious yachts come into port on the lavish observational deck.

Features: Available two-story Marina and two Jet skis Many fun and highly detailed accessories such as a barbecue, ice cream freezer, store rack, patio tables, lounge chair, observation deck chairs, glasses, hot dogs, bushes and flowers More sparkling block pieces including Barbie themed building blocks, awnings, and ice cream freezer door Available Barbie and Ken mint-fashion figs Combine with all of the Mega Blobs Barbie sets to build a fabulous world of fashion, friends and fun! LOGOS are perfect for this stage it gives children a chance to use their imagination to build whatever they want.

One thing I really like about this toy is the different sections of it, a child’s imagination can truly run wild with this Logo set. Hasher Near N-Strike Deploy price: $19. 59 The Near N-Strike Barrel Break Blaster is one of the best blasters around! It has removable ammo rails, holds 8 darts and has double barrel blasting fun! Fire one Whistler dart at a time, or launch both barrels at once! The Near N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Blaster includes: 10 whistler darts Ammo rail Instructions This toy is inappropriate for this stage and all stages because it’s an act of violence.

Although a child will be using their imagination it can also affect the way they interact with others. Most kids who have this toy are more likely to get into trouble. When children use their imagination we do not want them to be thinking violently, because as we know most kids will act on it. Concrete operation stage occurs between ages 7-11 . At this age children are able to think logically about objects and events. Increasing their awareness of their surroundings, they also grow out of egocentrics. Conservation: logically determine a certain quantity will remain the name despite adjustments.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Play Money Set price: $19. 99 Includes dozens of pretend bills from 1 to 100 Also includes play coins in all US denominations For ages 3 years and up This gives children the ability to think logically and perform operations on objects that mare only imaginative. They will gain the concept of conservation. They will understand if Bobby has 4 $5 bills and Timmy has 2 $20 bills, Timmy has more money than Bobby because of the value. This set can also help with math skills as well.

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