The Role and Impact of Advertising on Society

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Advertising plays a big part in the society today as people are more centered around media. People who watch television, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, look at billboards, or browse the internet all have been the costumers that have targeted by advertisements Advertisements, however, foster free trade and promote prosperity. Without the usage of advertisements, it would not be possible for businesses to grow as rapidly or for some non profit organizations to function as advertisements play such a large role in the economy today.

Advertising is seen to impact the society in many different ways positively. For example, this is seen in source A with the visual poster that was created by the American Red Cross. The artwork is simple yet it draws attention for readers to look into it and think about the purpose of this advertisement.

The purpose of the advertisement is to promote blood donation and save lives, Source C also supports advertising because the article explains that it is a necessity in life to have and that “we need the information in ads to buy the necessities of life” (line 6).

This article explains advertising as a way for people to learn. This article helps promote the idea that advertising is beneficial and that many lives are saved with the use of advertising. However, advertising is not always seen as beneficial. For example, in Source B, the article talks about how advertising also promotes products that are not beneficial. The advertisement of cigarettes, for example, increases the number of people who smoke and is damaging for the body.

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This is one way for the cigarette companies to have the freedom to create these advertisements to make money but not good for the society as a whole in a health sense, Source F also talks about the harmful outcomes of advertising.

It gives many examples of how it impacts the human way of life unnaturally. For example, in paragraph 5, the author uses ethos and pathos to create a bad attitude towards advertising because it promotes mothers to buy powdered milk for their babies instead of breastfeed which can harm a baby’s health. These sources help prove that advertising is not good for the environment and counter argue that advertisements help promote the society. There are other opinions about advertising not being a bad thing, but a skewed idea that is unregulated, For example, in source D, the article talks about how advertising can be helpful to the society by teaching others about facts or by helping the human lifestyle.

However, it also discusses how they can send information that is not correct and can damage the brains of the consumers. This example is seen in paragraph 4 when it discusses the stereotypes that advertising creates and also the dissatisfaction that people get. Source E also agrees with this idea and that advertising can be beneficial or can also harm the world. There are many beneficial things that come with advertising such as knowledge spread quickly but they can also spread attacks and harmless nonsense. These articles explain how advertising can be beneficial or they can harm a society and community. Advertising is beneficial and useful to the society as long as they are used for good purposes and promote healthy lifestyles. They are necessary for the development and growing of knowledge and play a big factor in the world today. Without advertisements, news would not be rapidly spread and businesses will not be able to grow.

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