Weapons Deprive People of Life and Have a Psychological Impact on Society

Topics: Gun Control

Mass shootings emerged as a horrific issue in the USA that strictly raised a question about gun control laws and gun ownership This paper shows reasons and facts that strengthen the position of strict gun control laws. Covering the past deadly events, and going into the details about gun ownership shortcomings, the paper emphasizes the need for an amendment to the second amendment. Excess use of guns in the USA not only makes people deprived of lives but also holds a psychological effect on society.

How ignorance on the gun controlling duties can cause a serious mass killing in Las Vegas. People should not prefer Gun ownership to the life of other people. More guns in society; more is the risk to society. Gun ownership rate and gun-related deaths are more in the USA than in other remarkable countries. In the end, this paper strongly conveys its position that regardless of self-defense, there should be gun control. For the security purposes of the citizen, there are well-organized and armed police departments.

Gun Control and Self-Defense

Life is in severe danger when there is something capable enough to wipe out the life from the earth. The same goes for guns and the firearms in the hands of citizens who are following the laws and the criminals who are not following the laws. Limited duration of the recent years, serious events of the careless and violent use of the guns and the assault arms have taken down the precious and innocent lives not on¬¬¬ly in the USA but throughout the world.

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Whitehead and Schnabel (2018) reported in their article about the year 2017, mass-shooting events rose to 13, killing 138 people (p.1). This mass shooting continues even in the year 2018. This mass shooting occurs when criminals have approached guns and firearms. To avoid such massacres, the administration should start a strong row against those having guns. The USA should amend the law for gun controls. Government should implement more restrictions should preferably ban assault arms and deadly weapon sales on a civil level.

Knowing a fact that the necessity of self-defense increased with the rise in street crimes. Citizens claim the right to own firearms for their safety so that criminals cannot rob them. They argue that without owning guns, their life is in danger. Their argument is getting stronger due to the continuously increasing row of violent shootings in public places and events like musical concerts and schools. However, one thing they need to consider is laws about gun control do not make people unsafe, but the chances of life-threatening outcomes reduce. Having more guns and firearms multiplies deaths and crimes. The recent mass shooting in public has arisen serious doubts regarding gun control laws. They have not been strict enough to bound the criminals. The people against the gun control act should rethink the recent shooting at a musical concert in Las Vegas. One person hides assault rifles in a room on the 32nd floor of a hotel and kills 58 people (Kovalevski and Oppel Jr, 2018, p.1). The sale and the purchase of a gun follow the strict rules of knowing personal character because people with a criminal background mostly repeat the crimes.

Those who take the position in the favor of gun ownership have claimed that Second Amendment entitles them to own guns. However, all the constitutions are likely to change for the good. Even the administration should amend the long stayed amendments according to the situation. Bovy (2015) stated about the second amendment “But it’s right there in the First Amendment that we don’t have to simply nod along with what follows. That the Second Amendment has been liberally interpreted doesn’t prevent any of us from saying it’s been misinterpreted or that it should be repealed” (p.2). A Law committee introduces laws to tackle the issue but it always needs to improve. That is why there are amendments over amendments to reach the best results. Deep observation of recent peace conditions strongly appeals to necessary changes in the laws of gun ownership.

There is an argument from the pro-gun society; they say gun ownership is part of the culture. The elite class of the society including celebrities, and rich businessmen encourages owning guns as a part of their life. Sometimes they claim that a good person with a gun can only stop a bad person with a gun. However, a good person is not able to tackle a mass shooting because he is a good person. There has not been evidence for 30 years that an armed civilian has ever stopped a mass shooting. In 1982, a civilian gunman killed a shooter but it was after he has done his first crime (Bovy, 2015, p.4). Self-defense rights are god-given but to have the people also have to kill or harm others. Recent past mass-shooting criminals were listed as persons with psychological issues. What is the guarantee that people who are willing to own gun control will not have any psychological issues in the future? They can turn into the catastrophic mass-shooting cause. When there is a weapon or firearm, there will be a chance of shooting with the cost of any life or any serious causality. So government should fully ban the ownership of guns. As suggested by Bovy (2015) “Ban guns. All guns. Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets, and, as much as possible, on police. Not just because of San Bernardino, or whichever mass shooting may pop up next, but also not because of those” (p.1). Simply when there is no gun, there will not be any mass shootings.

Going over the thoughts of making the laws of gun control stricter rather than banning them all; still will have some mishaps. Gunmen still may be able to manage guns as reported by Loss Angeles Time (2018), “The gunman who shot and killed five people in Santa Monica three years ago was banned from owning a gun, so he bought the parts and made his own.” (p.4). Banning guns for civilians is not now enough. Peace Administration should have strong control over the gun-parts supply or preferably seize the suppliers of guns to the local dealers. When there are no guns, there is no one to die at the cost of bullets.

Life is not the only thing that is suffering from firearms. Some mass-shooting incidents have occurred in the schools affecting the teachers and the student’s psychology. As reported by Interlandi (2018) in the New York times “ In Jan. 23, three weeks into the spring semester, a 15-year-old sophomore named Gabe Parker brought his stepfather’s 9-millimeter Ruger handgun to Marshall County High School in Western Kentucky, opened fire on the more than 600 students” (p.1). After such kind of horrible mass-killing acts, questions about safety exist in the minds of the kids and the teachers themselves. If a person normally, says easily that human life is more precious than cultural values. If someone accepts the culture with the guns and the blood, he is going to have a bloody culture with lots of innocent lives on the ground. So if the kid could not get his hands on that gun, he would not have had that crime on his hands. Those who suffered from the injuries could have been safe. Loss of precious lives could have been prevented. However, pro-gun owners continue to claim that they have the right to defend themselves, their culture allows them to own guns. The second amendment makes them entitled to own guns. There is one thing that may be missing, whenever there is a gun, there is a risk of its illegal use. Always an approach can lead to severe dangers. A chance exists that this firearm may mistakenly go into the hands of the children who are not mature enough. They learn some emotions from movies, watching firing is a thrilling action and they may follow it. The deadliest thing can occur when these guns go into the hands of criminals or those who have a psychological disorder.

There should not be laziness in the case of gun-control laws either. Once a case like this happened the Las Vegas. In 2014 a person stashed guns in his hotel room. Three years later, another person with a killer profile followed the same procedure in the same hotel. This shows how the administration of the hotel ignored and repeated the act of carelessness that cost the world 58 lives and many injured (Kovaleski and Oppel, 2018, p.1). This is not the only case when ignoring the issue. Every case that occurs like this has repeated stories.

Talking about those, who prefer gun ownership; perhaps they barely dare to defend themselves. Most of them own these to keep at home for a show. For security, there is a well-organized armed police department that has the responsibility to protect them. Why they don’t cooperate with the police to secure not only their life but also the life of the whole country rather than owning a gun? Owning guns makes the system more complex, there is more data required against the citizens, more equipment, and more effort is required but the outcome of risking lives is more. Then why do they prefer gun ownership over lives? There are some arguments they provided is that gun does not kill people, People kill people. By this argument, they certainly mean, it is the mentality of the person, which is responsible for killing instead of guns. A person willing to kill can kill with a knife, and a guy who is not willing to kill can save a person falling from a cliff; this may be taken as a meaning. There is a reality, having a gun makes it fast and easier to kill. A kind person can suddenly turn into a violent, just because of an angry moment and can use a gun to kill in just a matter of seconds.

The probability of a mass shooting is more when there is gun ownership freedom. More guns cause more deaths. The places where gun ownership is less, deaths are less. In 2013, a survey was carried out by the American Journal of Medicine in 127 countries resulting in the USA having the highest gun ownership rates and firearms-related deaths. Hence, with more deadly weapons, there are more deaths over the world.

This is not only gun control but crime control. In other words, it is death control. Despite the self-defense and the cultural practice, people need to reconsider their thoughts. More gun ownership leads to more deaths. Although the second amendment gives, people the right to own guns there is always a need for improvements in laws and amendments. Hence for the security of people and humanity, Ban civilians to use guns.

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