The Major Role of Magazines Ads in the Advertising of Products

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In this modern age world of society magazines, newspaper, television commercials and the internet play a huge part in the advertising of products especially in dangerous and addicting products that are legal to advertise as weight loss products diet pills and tobacco companies for cigarettes are some of the major product advertisements shown in society all around the world giving an illusion of a luxury and rich life style. Magazines ads play a big part in product advertisements they try to show the product in persuasive appeals of ethos, logos and pathos meaning they try to inform you of the product or persuade you into buying and getting their product or sometimes even botht Magazines often target a specific audience for their ads for example Life 8: Style magazine targets young and middle age women of any ethnicity to their magazine usually containing celebrity‘s gossip, fashion tips and beauty products making their target mainly for women.

There is also sports magazine that targets guys of all ages and ethnicity like the Sports Illustrated magazine that contains current sports event activities and wins inside the magazine it contains beautiful girls with very little clothes and many pages of cars and guy cologne ads with different types of sports gear for sports fans making their intended audience guysi Weight loss diet pills are seen everywhere in society and people are in a huge rise to lose weight and get thin it is many peoples dream and aspiration for both male and female who are struggling with weight issues they find to turn to these diet pills to be easier than eating healthy and working out they think it’s a quick fix.

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Do to many ads shown all around the media and magazines like in the Life & Style magazine front cover that shows a bright big purple picture of the famous Khloe Kardashian in a sexy bathing suit saying in big bold words “how to lose 201bs in four weeks” the magazine is using a lot of logo with their use of celebrities, testimonials and statistics, Inside the magazine you find the famous reality show celebrities.

Khloe Kardashian and her sister Kim Kardashian in a two piece bathing suits smiling and holding a Quick Trim weight loss diet pills bottle and in the ad in big letters saying “reach your weight loss goals!” and also a testimony of Kim Kardashian saying “I‘ve reached my goal” using logos in their ad targeting young women who are trying to lose weight and look like them to me just seems like false advertising because they do not just only lose weight with just taking quick trim weight loss diet pills but with eating healthy and working out specially when an ad has celebrities who have the luxury of getting cosmetic procedures to look the way they do, Not only are weight loss diet pills famous and seen all over ads but they are also very dangerous containing a high amount of caffeine and causing many health risk side effects like high blood pressure , heart rate, insomnia and many more dangerous side effects that are not seen or spoken in these weight loss diet pills ads these celebrities just give off this life style as fast and easy with no work we will look aspire to lookjust like them withjust ingestion ofm a pill .

Popular magazines all over the united states contain at least on full page of colorful cigarette ads making them famous and appear to all types of ethnicity, gender and ages their target of audience are specially intended for teenagers and young adults i Tobacco companies make their magazine advertisements of cigarettes look appealing and persuasive in advocating for the use of tobacco. In the first page ofjust opening the in Touch magazine there is a colorful glossy fancy page with colorful gold in the ad for the New Port cigarettes with the caption “so rich! So smooth! Introducing New Port Non-Methol Gold!!”. With a picture of a big new port cigarette box and on the side two lite cigarettes in a big good ash tray make it a persuasive and ethos ad trying to give it a sense of its good and rich to smoke when in all reality we all know what a harm tobacco can cause people and their health, In conclusion advertisement magazine can be falsely portrayed specially when it comes down to substance abuse of products that are really not good for human beings to take as it is for them to put beautiful pictures with famous celebrities that give of the rich and luxury advertisements and testimonies as for example weight loss diet pills and Tobacco companies. Who give a false image of what the ugly truth really is.

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