The Power of Accents in Nancy Ads

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The focus in both adverts stays sharp throughout usually. In the “Nancy” advert when the doll is shown with the girls face the camera slowly focuses out to give the girls face a more beautiful complexion with blemish free skin. This could possibly make the child think that’s what they will look like if they possess this product. Since the boys advert seems to have more of a narrative towards it the dialogue is slightly different in comparison with the girls advert.

As in the boys advert the dialogue is presented by a deep gruff male voice and reads out a type of story towards the child which repeatedly puts out the products name towards the audience (possibly so the child remembers the name of the toy and tells their parents who are the more likely party to purchase the product). In girls adverts the dialogue does not really tell us a story rather than it gives the idea that this is a how young girl should act.

It is presented in a very typical feminine voice, sometimes to the backing of a quiet thumping beat.

The sound effects in the girls advert are diegetic and not many that are shown are non-diegetic for example the sound track or voice over. Some of the sounds included in the girl’s advert are related to the product for example, the school bell and children laughing. This gives the toy a more realistic feel to it. An opposite to this is in the boys advert, the sounds are still diegetic but are much more emphasised and action packed, for example in the Max Steel advert the sounds used are explosions and missiles been fired.

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A similarity between the two is that they both have background music but the difference in the two is that the Nancy advert has a more “piano” effect giving a form of femininity whilst the boys advert is more “forte” and giving a faster pace effect that people relate to masculinity.

The lighting in Max Steel is a three point lighting in a fill light to knock out the shadows, possibly so that the audience isn’t distracted by the shadows which could be quite distracting as the product is constantly moving in the advert. This would be a downfall, as the audience may not remember information about the product. In the Nancy advert the lighting has been put in a back light to define and enhance the product making it more appealing to the audience as the toy is the only object in the advert.

The differences in the camera movement of the two adverts isn’t that vast as both use a pan effect especially in the girls advert as the camera pans around the product about 180 degrees. This defines the object where as in the boy’s advert the camera stays fixed on the object but moves as the product moves. The camera shots in both adverts are also very similar as both stay in a long shot giving definition on the product, this is more appealing to the audience.

In conclusion I find that there is a difference between boys and girls adverts that is apparent to us as an older audience but to a younger audience aged between eight and nine years they would just see it as a window into a new way of playing. The restrictions of price cost aren’t comprehensible to them. There is a line that splits boy’s adverts from girl’s adverts that we as an older audience can tell by sound definition whether an advert is for boys or girls without even needing a visual aid.

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