How movies and TV ads made an impact in our daily life?

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How movies and TV ads made an impact in our daily life? How movies and TV ads made an impact on our daily life? In this modern time, huge changes have taken place in our society with the development of technology. Technology makes our life convenient and it becomes a part of our lives everywhere, anywhere. Everyone in the world, in their households have television sets, and every day, more and more people tend to view on television. Movies and TV ads are a source of entertainment for millions of people around the globe.

Numerous movies are produced each year and people watch these in large numbers. By touching its button and by searching different channels, it gives us benefits and solutions to our challenges in the modern-faced world. Therefore, movies and TV ads indeed influence people’s thoughts and behaviour positively because movies can aid in reducing our stress, motivate us to become a better person as well as it will provide various useful information for us.

Movies and tv ads do motivate us to become a better person. When we watch motivational videos, it can inspire and uplift us to grow as person. For instance, people who watch the movie Forest Gump will become more confident and seldom give up. Throughout the movie, we learned that even Forrest experienced many obstacles, such as his mental and physical disabilities, being bullied, getting shot while fighting in the war and losing the love of his life, he still persevere and have faith.

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Forrest the main actor has become the role model of many people. Besides that, people will also try to stop smoking and begin exercises after watching the TV advertisement about smoking ruins one’s health. Hence, movies do encourage one to constantly upgrade themselves.

Moreover, movies and TV affects our behaviour through the advertisement of different products. They provide various information about the product such as the functions and the price of a specific product. Generally, companies will pay productions to include their products in movies because when so many people watch the movie, surely some of them will want to buy the can of Coca-Cola that their favorite character was drinking all throughout the movie. For example, in the movie of “Nerve” starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts. It is obvious that the film is a huge advertisement for Apple. Since more than 5 million people went to see that movie, some of them probably had the desire and urge to buy the new Apple product because they saw how well it was working while the characters were using it. In that movie, Apple products are showcased many throughout the film and the advertisement is very obvious. A good advertisement will also stimulate customer’s purchase desire. As a result, people will start to follow and purchase the product.

Some may claim that watching movies is a waste of time. Admittedly, they might neglect their responsibilities and this will affect their relationships with family. However, movies serve as a tool against boredom and an escape from the monotonous life. We can overcome this by watching a movie together with our family and limit the amount of time we spend to watch. A good movie also offers a relaxing and entertaining experience. It has the power to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and soul. Movies also tends to escape from the reality which takes you to a new world of imagination and gives us a temporary relief from our problems in life or when we feel depressed. Thus, if people can manage their time well and choose a proper channel, watching movie is definitely not a waste of time.

In conclusion,I believe that movies and tv advertisement indeed make a huge difference in the society by altering their views of beauty and value in the world.

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How movies and TV ads made an impact in our daily life?
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