The Importance of Philosophy in Our Daily Lives

Philosophy comes from two greek roots philo meaning love and sophos meaning wisdom. Those two greek roots combined, mean a love of wisdom. and in my eyes an everlasting thirst for knowledge. Philosophy is apart of everyday life whether you think about it or not. you are dealing with philosophy. It‘s hard to describe the nature of philosophy itself as ironically that is philosophical question. That question is studied by people who discuss metaphilosophy. For me the nature of philosophy is the sense of wonder in the world that a person has, that natural child like curiosity about the things around us.

The aim is to satisfy that curiosity, to sate the questions people may have such as. “What is the purpose of life?”. “How do I know what is right and what is wrong?” Philosophy has many skills associated with it critical thinking, stronger deductive reasoning, and strong communication skills to name a few.

The value of philosophy is being able to ponder life’s mysterious questions and come to your own conclusions.

Being able to analyze something you notice critically and ponder how it came to be. The ability to question authority. religion. culture. etc. and gather your own answers about them. Philosophy is valuable in it’s usefulness of letting you expand your mind. or stated as one of the Kent Core Requirements (KCR), “to broaden your intellectual perspectives.” Philosophy satisfies the KCR goal of broadening your intellectual perspectives, by helping you to broaden your understanding of the world.

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Giving you the ability to look at a culture and question its morals and traditions. To let you look at Muslim society and come to your own conclusions about women’s rights and the use of a Hijab. It allows you to not only look at that culture from your perspective but to view it from a Muslim perspective. Keeping this in mind you can also do this in your everyday life, analyzing your own situations and beliefs. For example I was born and raised in West Virginia a state that’s biggest job force as l was growing up was coal mining.

It is an Interesting perspective to look back on, seeing how many people went into that job with all the health risks with it. It was quite common to hear about mine collapses and people getting black lung from coal mining. Looking back on it I realize most of those miners didn’t have a choice, coal mining was a guaranteed job with minimal education required. Back as a child I thought this was just the way of life, and there was a great chance I would do the same. Now I look back at that time and I‘m happy how things turned out for me. Philosophy so far has allowed me to look deeper into my everyday life and my past experiences and draw more from them. I realize the value of my education more fully now and the experiences I have had access to. The critical thinking skills that will continue to develop the farther I go into philosophy will follow me the rest of my life. These skills will greatly improve my quality of life allowing me to think more rationally and more thorough than ever before.

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