How Technology Has Changed Our Lives For The Better

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What do new technologies have changed our daily lives? In recent years, new technologies like smart phones, the Internet, the Pod, and online communities have become part of our dally lives, especially with the new generation who can’t live without their gadgets.

In fact, new technologies have improved our quality of life; for example, we have new ways to make friends through Backbone, twitter and Namespace. New technologies also change the way we communicate with others.

Although new technologies have advantages that make life easier, it impacts our life in an opposite ay that takes some negative influences in our life and we also need to think of ways to overcome them. The Internet makes people live In their own world with less communication with their friends.

Am not particularly interested in video games, but some of my friends are crazy about them and they spend several hours a day on them. They always concentrate on playing for rank. Once, I quarreled with my mother and felt depressed, so I wanted to complain about it to my friend to make me feel better.

Ways Technology Changed Our Lives

However, he looked impatient and didn’t respond what I was talking about. After that, I knew I disturbed him. According to Sherry Turtle ” The Flight from Conversation,” she states, ” A businessman laments that he no longer has colleagues at work.

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He doesn’t stop by to talk; he doesn’t call. He says that he doesn’t want to interrupt them. He says they are ‘ too busy to their I have same experience that my friends are too busy to interrupt them, so an ideal way I can share my emotion is through the Internet. I posted a message in the Backbone about how depressed I was and I needed friends to comfort me.

What made me excited, there were a lot virtual friends commented my message and consoled me by sharing same experience. Finally, Backbone becomes best way for me to share my experiences and gets answers for what problems I meet. No matter why Turtle claims in the article “The Fight from Conversation,” ” During the years I have spent heard the sentiment ‘No one is listening to me. ‘ I believe this feeling helps explain why it is so appealing to have a Backbone page or a Twitter feed?each provides so many automatic listeners”(336).

In other words, the Backbone and the Twitter are popular to people to share the experience with fewer listeners In the real world. As a matter of fact, with more time n the Internet will result in fewer time communicating with friends that can lead people live in their own world. We need to make a balance between surfing the Internet and communicating with friends like make a schedule because we live in a really world and we do need friends and the Internet is not everything for us. The technology not only makes people participate in different events, but also records what happened which Is not a good habit.

I got the Sapphic fracture last month, so I went to the emergency. The doctor put the splint on my hand. This Is my first time my hand was broken, so splint looked fancy to me. After I went back home, I took a picture for my splint and posted it in my Backbone and said, ” I got the Sapphic fracture today and how poor I was. ” I don’t know what the purpose of posting this message and what is the point to post it? Is this for show up and let everyone know that I got the fracture and want people to console me? Maybe this Is record them.

In fact, it doesn’t make any sense to post everything happened. Andrew Lam in her article ” I Tweet Therefore I am: Life in the Halls of Mirrors,” shows some stories of tweeting. The first one is ” A young woman who was being stalked tweeted ere impending doom a few days before her murder”(Lam). The second one is ” In the same week a teenager in the suburb of Baltimore posted on Backbone murder suicide references before taking a shotgun to school and wounding one of his classmates on the first day of school”(Lam).

The third one is a person asked his friend to snap a photo of him in the trauma, so that he can post it in Backbone (Lam). There is a sad story describes in the article, ” A professor Bill Nee collapsed on the stage out of exhaustion as he prepared to give a lecture. But instead of rushing to the stage to alp him, many students in the audience took out their cell phones, snapped photo, tested and tweeted the event”(Lam). This sounds immoral. Students ignored what happened to their professor and Just snapping and posting that sounds ridiculous.

Now a day, people prefer to snap pictures and post them on the Backbone that becomes popular. Life is colorful and we want to record everything happened that is reasonable. If we can post things that are positive and have good influences for people that look better instead of posting some negative experiences. The technology can lead us to distract our attention. I have the phone in my hand whenever I go somewhere. I use the Backbone, the Weight and the Q as virtual communities to communicate with my friends and make new friends.

If my phone disappears, my life becomes hopeless because phone is one of the important ways I talk to friends and entertain by playing phone games. For example, everyday I have a class; I put my phone on the desk. Every five minutes, I will check my Backbone to see if someone posts news that interested me or if someone sends me message through Weight. In fact, sometimes I really want to pay attention to what teachers are talking bout, but my phone always hooks me up.

According to the article wrote by Linda Stone “Continuous Partial Attention,” What my behavior is called continuous partial attention that means we want to connect and be connected. Another way to describe it is ” We pay continuous partial attention in an effort NOT TO MISS ANYTHING. It is an always-on, anywhere, anytime, anyplace behavior that involves an artificial sense of constant crisis”(Stone 1). This is actually true. I don’t want to miss anything my friends’ posts on the Backbone and messages from the Weight, especially for assuages that I think it is important to me to respond on time.

As a matter of fact, this is not a good behavior, and this makes me have less efficiency in doing anything. In fact, it distracts me from doing another thing, so I can’t focus on doing what I should do. To avoid this bad behavior, I should try to leave my phone away from me or Just turn off my phone when I am listening to lectures and doing my homework. Totally, new technology has changed our life dramatically and becomes our ” closest friend. ” However, it also takes some negative influences. If we can use new technology sufficiently, our life can be better.

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