The Issue of Racial Profiling in Our Daily Lives

Honestly, I have racially profiled other people and I’ve seen others do it too, such as avoiding interaction with one another. Living in Kenya, I’ve learned to love Africans but I’ve also formed a racial behavior of avoiding them when I walk alone at night or at a deserted road, Ever since I was a child, my mom would always warn me of how dangerous Kenya is, and her caution still remains in my head until now. My racial behavior is to avoid Africans when I am alone on the streets because I assume that they are dangerous.

I assume that they will steal my bag or maybe even rape me, especially when I am alone at night So when I do cross their way on the streets alone in the dark, I tense up and I either walk fast or I take another route. It became my instinct to always think about every negative aspects of what could happen whenever I cross an African at night.

Additionally, I’ve seen others do the same At the airport, I commonly see people of different races avoiding those of others, such as Asians avoiding Africans or Americans avoiding Muslims. For example, I saw a Muslim sit next to an American and the American took notice, tensed, got up, and sat next to another American three rows down from where the Muslim was sitting. This shows that the American racially profiled the Muslim as a terrorist or a threatening figure, which caused the American to sit away from the Muslim, Although I disagree with racial profiling, it is sometimes unavoidable.

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Culture teaches different values and beliefs that affect how we View others, In a way, racial profiling becomes an instinct; something most people unconsciously practice due to their cultural backgrounds.

Personally, I strongly disagree with racial profiling and I agree with Forman’s stance on racial profiling. It is terrible how policemen in Washington frequently and harshly search innocent African American students from Maya Angelou because of their skin color. African American students can’t even roam around in a high-drug-use neighborhood because the policemen will automatically assume that they are criminals The rate of policemen searching African Americans is ridiculously higher than the rate of policemen searching Americans. “75 percent of those stopped and searched” were black! And only thirteen percent of them were guilty criminals. African American should value individual identity more than racial identity.

However, I understand that it is difficult for African Americans to accept this concept because society does not accept it, Society tells them that they “can be anything,” but society itself does not mean what they say How can they come to embrace their own self if they are treated worse than dogs? There is no place where African Americans may look to get confidence because of racial profiling, I am not sure if racial profiling will ever disappear, Racial profiling, as I mentioned before, is a result of cultural views and beliefs To eliminate racial profiling, cultural beliefs and views would have to change But as we all know, people do not welcome change.

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