A Personal Plan to Use Advertising to Benefit and Improve the Society in Turkey

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My family, in specific, my father is in the advertising business in Turkey, With the use of advertising, my father was able to effect many people‘s lives in a beneficial way, and overall improve the Turkish community I plan to follow in my father’s successful footsteps in order to create effective advertisements to change peoples’ lives for the better by increasing awareness on various significant matters as well as improve the community Unfortunately, advertising is criticized a lot in the United States and it is assumed here that advertising is merely used as a way to get into people‘s pocketsi But in this paper, I will explain how I will use advertising in the future that will benefit many and improve the society by focusing on how my advertising can have a positive impact on others When I begin advertising I plan to have my advertising center on public service announcements that apply mostly to the watchers’ pathos and ethos, I would like to mainly focus on pathos, because I would like my advertising to raise awareness on a certain matter.

Such as drunk driving or the homeless population, as well as encourage the person watching to do something about it in any way they can because of how guilty they feel.

I don’t want to make anyone feel guilty, but it’s an effective way to raise awareness on these matters and encourage people to take action. But besides pathos, I would also like it to have ethos components, for nobody wants to watch something that is superbly emotional, whereas if someone or something respectable and interesting was added to it, it would appeal to them more, such as a basketball playeri With the help of pathos and ethos I hope to create effective advertisements Most of my advertisements will focus on health, safety, and national security, I think this is necessary for many of the problems going around in the country as of right now revolve on health, such as the recent viruses (“Three New Cases of Zika Virus Confirmed in Miami-Dade”), the radiation in our Miami waters (“Miami’s Oceanfront Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaking”), the increased use of heroin on the streets of Miami (“Miami Us Student Dies Days After He’s Found Unconscious in Off-Campus House due to Heroin Use)”.

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By raising awareness on these specific matters, I’ll be able to inform others about recent Viruses which will possibly lead them to have more precaution than before, I’ll be able to let others know of the radiation in the Bayside waters so they don‘t drink the sink water or give their pets any, I’ll be able to discuss the vitality of the increase of heroin use and show fast-moving images of what heroin can do to you to discourage people from being curious about it Also, many people in the United States forget that they have complete freedom of speech. By raising awareness on certain matters, such as suicides and domestic violence, I will be able to show those who forgot their freedom of speech that they’re not alone, that they can come and seek help, that there are others to help, to speak up! As can be seen, my advertising could be used positively in many areas 1 hope to become so successful one day in advertising that when people are about to do something they think twice about, my advertisement’s images come up in their head, subconsciously warning them not to do so Other than my advertisements raising awareness, they will contribute to the community in other ways as welli.

Advertising is an enormous business, and needs the help of so many hands in order to create successful and effective advertisements. When I create my company here in the United States, I will be creating jobs for many people which can range from artists, screen printers, script—writers, assistants, etc. One can watch Mad World on Netflix and can have an idea of how grandiose the advertising business is The best thing about having an advertising company is it has such a diverse options of employment which means I’ll be able to help not only a certain group of people, but people of all types of different careersr Another aspect my advertising will be beneficial to is the economy of the country Although it wouldn’t be a huge, important alteration for the economy, it‘ll definitely contribute to its improvement which is what really matters, If the contribution of my advertising can even make one change in one person’s life or one change to improve matters for the better, I will feel accomplished and happy. But of course, the goal is to maximize these accomplishments, My company will be beneficial to the economy, because as we all know, advertising isn’t a business that’s special to the United States. Rather than that, advertising is a completely global business, as is obvious from the previous mention of my father’s advertising business in Turkey. Since advertising is an international business, and since advertisements get communicated through satellites which convey these advertisements globally, the advertisements I create will promote the export-potentials of the United States.

Also, besides helping the increase of export-potentials, my advertising company will have a lot of healthy competition, which helps the economy since more advertisements are being made and more consumers are purchasing products, as well as having their awareness raised, My advertisements won’t be focusing on buying things, but more on donations and memberships. Since I‘m aware of how people get discouraged to pay for something on an advertisements, especially a public service announcement, I hope to create a way where I can still raise money for these causes without having to take [00 much money from others. As can be seen, with the knowledge I have learned from my father through his extensive experience in advertising as well as my own profoundly deep interest in the matter, I will some day in the near future create advertisements that will raise awareness among society where the person watching or reading my advertisements is going to be encouraged to take action in order to improve the society. Although that‘s the most important thing for me, my advertisements will also contribute to the economy in various ways. All the criticisms of advertising can stop right here, because I’m making a change!

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