A Plan on Advertising Traveling to Las Vegas

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More than 30 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year; 5,000 new residents call this place home every month. Based on this, one can expect to sell different travel packages to visitors. There are various reasons with senior citizens would be good clients for Las Vegas. Senior citizens can be targeted as clients because of their good demographic and amount of leisure time. They also possess a disposable amount of income because they haveinn their savings and retirement account. Senior Citizens generally do not have to care for their children, because they are grown and are no longer committed to taking care of them.

Las Vegas is a place for pleasure and profit. Las Vegas is nicknamed Sin City, due to some shady nightlife and legalized prostitution. Even though there are negative moral sides to Las Vegas, it remains to be the place where seniors can go to relax, by seeing shows and staying at theme hotels. There should be packages created to attract the older crowd to visit Las Vegas.

Since seniors have a lot of free time on their hands, arrangements should be made to satisfy the void of time. Vacation packages serve as a method for seniors to meet and circumvent activities with festivities. One can arrange bus tours that would take them to the Grand Canyon for a full day of enjoyment. The following activities would be including in the package for $85.00:

Complimentary Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Complimentary Continental breakfast

New, Modern Luxury Motor Coaches

Photo stop at Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

Complimentary buffet lunch included

Panoramic windows, restroom & comfortable seating

Approximately 3 full hours in the Canyon area

Stops at the most Scenic overlooks, Observatory & Bright Angel Lodge

25 minute stops to explore & photo opportunities

Ample time for souvenir shopping

Frequent tour stops for viewing overlooks

Entry into Grand Canyon National Park (included)

Free -Educational/ Historical & current movies onboard

The pre-package above would take care of the daytime activites.

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One can also arrange night acivies for their clients. The following package includes a dinner and show for $60:

Lord Of the Dance & dinner

EFX & dinner

Storm at Mandalay Bay & dinner

Iubilee & dinner

Siegiried & Roy & dinner

Rat Pack & dinner

American Superstars & dinner

Including dinner with a show wil bring a greater audience into town. This would be a good value package for seniors whom have a limited budget. It allows them to get out oftheir home and enjoy the citys nightie.

Beside spending time at the theaters and taking value package tours, todays seniors have much more disposable income now, due to increased pensions and 401K returns within the last few years. According to the IRS, okler citizens ovm half the wealth in the United States, Intermedéaries need to make arrangements to satisfy the needs ofthis segment. These are the people that would spend money on goods, ike jewelry, sports cars and high price tcket tems. They are also incined to se the hotel services that would cost more than similar services outside. These folks would more likely to go out to have drinks and go gambling,

With the number of seniors increasing steadily, hotels and travel agencies should market to them more seriously than ever. They have the time and money to travel to Las Vegas and spend it there.

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