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In addition, information revealed in December 1994, that Williams regularly enjoys free rooms and meals at a casino in Las Vegas, dislikes highly in an organization that has had an incorruptible image since the Parker era, officers can be suspended, if not fired, for similar facts. Community policing is closely associated with him – he was specifically appointed to enforce it in Los Angeles – his unpopularity among police officers tends to rub off on their perception of this approach. Moreover, the community policing is also unpopular because they take it as an outside interference due to the Rodney King incident, or even a disavowal of their work by politicians who do not understand the risks of the job and allow themselves to question the methods and the work done for years by these officers.

In addition, while community policing has improved the image of the LAPD, which is far from negligible in a city where police have often been viewed as an aggressive force far from citizens, its merits in terms of crime reduction are more doubtful: the crime rate has decreased sharply in Los Angeles in the first half of the 1990s, but this is also the case in most of town such as New York, where the police employs methods far from community policing.

  In the end, this theory remains a slogan, often invoked, never clearly defined, and which has a little impact on the daily functioning of the police. Faced with the demotivation of the troops (479 officers resign in 1994, denouncing the lack of leadership and support of the hierarchy), the slow pace with which the reforms are put in place (highlighted by a report commissioned by the Police Commission from of a team of lawyers), the repercussions of the OJ Simpson affair and the declining popularity of the leader, the commission announces on March 1997 the non-renewal of the mandate of Williams.

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In the process of appointing the new leader in 1997, the commission decided to choose the new leader among the ranks of the LAPD, after the inconclusive experience of a leader from outside. Bernard Parks is finally chosen by the mayor, Richard Riordan, especially for his managerial qualities. He is known for his great experience and his zeal to punish police officers accused of violence and racism, but also his lack of attachment to community policing. Moreover, the fact that it is black can dispel the suspicions of the African-American electorate, according to which Williams would not have been maintained because of his ethnicity.

This new leader is giving a new direction to community policing. according to him, the community policing must permeate all the LAPD, without exception, including patrol officers and investigators. To achieve this, Parks proposes a measure: the redeployment of Senior Lead Officers (SLOs) on patrol, so that they pass on the philosophy of police / population partnership to field officers. In fact, this is a disguised way of putting community policing aside and strengthening the patrol force, which is a logical choice on the part of a traditional policing fan like Parks. Parks thus maintains the illusion of perpetuating it, in order to avoid the wrath of the public and politicians. Illusion, because it is hard to imagine that 168 SLOs will inculcate a method to an organization of more than 9,000 people, reluctant in their majority and be able to continue their mission of contact with the population by spending their days in a car patrol.

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