The Details of the Trip to Las Vegas

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I went to Las Vegas expecting it to be just like what I had seen on television, Bright lights, gambling, fast cars, and women, and couples getting married, were my idea of what Vegas had to offer. Las Vegas not only meet my expectations, but it also delivered much more. It was like Disney World for adults, a place of fantasy and entertainment. The hotel resorts in Vegas have a special theme that distinguished them from each other. It was like walking into a different world as I went from one hotel to another.

Las Vegas has everything from fine dining, dance clubs, and live performance, and lets the forget the main attraction gambling.

As I got off the plane in Las Vegas I was surprised to see the shining lights of slot machines in the terminal. Slot machines were everywhere in the airport, even in the From the airport I arrived at the Tropicana Resort where I stayed for my visit.

As I entered the lobby, I was amazed by the sea of gambling tables and slot machines. There was a vast selection of slot machines, ranging from five cents a game up to five dollars. The color and shape were also
different. One machine was so big that the lever used to operate it was almost the size of my leg, could not believe how many machines were in this one place.

After getting settled into my room, I decided to try my luck. I wanted to play some black jack.

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I knew how to play the game, so I felt confident that I would win some money. 1 passed a few tables to get a feel of which one I would start playing at. The minimum bet at the black jack tables was five dollars. That was within my budget, but I was a bit intimidated by how the dealers looked. They all had a pokefacesce, very serious looking without any emotion. Their clothes were pressed and heavily starched. With their black ties and white shirts, they stood behind the tables like statues, that came alive once you’ve placed your bet. This was no game for the dealers. This was their job and they look like they would be working on taking all my money. I decided to pass on black jack and settled for the slot machines. For some reason | felt more comfortable having a machine take my money.

After realizing that I was losing more money than I was winning, I decided to see what else Vegas had to offer. I ended up at The New Yorker Resort. There was a huge green replica of the Statue of Liberty in the front of the hotel. ‘The actual hotel itself was built to look like some of the famous buildings in New York, like the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center. The inside of the building was like walking down a street in New York. It had all the details, from a smoking manhole to the pizzeria on the street corner. I then walked over to the Excaliber Hotel, Now, this place was like a huge castle from the days of King, Arthur and the Knights of the round table, From there I ventured over to the Luxor Hotel. It was shaped like a pyramid, The interior had statues of Egyptian gods and paintings. Every hotel I went to was massive in size as if built for giants. Even though each hotel had the same games and slot machines, the theme of each hotels gave them a I was walking for a while and I found myself feeling hungry. The selection of food was as huge as the hotels, themselves. I finally settled for a restaurant in the Luxor. While eating my dinner I was able to gamble, playing a game Later that evening after getting some rest and checking how much money I still had left in my bank account. I decided to go dancing. I ended up at Studio 54, a
replica of the famous dance club that was in New York. On the stage was some girls and guys dancing with not much cloths on, The gitls on stage had on a silver, leather bikini like outfit.

Dancing like they were in a hypnotic trance by the music. The laser lights were shining bright and the music was loud. couldnt even hear myself talk. I didnt really like music they played, It was an up tempo dance beat that was starting to give me headache. Even thought the music sucked, it really didnt bother me. I was more focused on the girl that was dancing half naked, Lets just say I had a blast. Las Vegas is not just is not gambling. It offered so many different forms of entertainment. There is something there for everyone. This place is truly the gaming capital

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