My Birthday in Las Vegas

Twenty-one and in Vegas! What an awesome experience and time to be young. When first thinking about what I wanted to do for my twenty-first birthday, visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, was the only thing that jumped out at me. It was my nana and grandfather who ultimately made that trip a reality. My excitement only grew as I planned for the trip, and I counted down the days as the trip approached. While my nana and I prepared to travel, my grandfather secured the tickets and made the reservations.

It was time to pack my bags before I knew it, and I was bubbling with excitement about what awaited me in Vegas. I just knew it would be a magical trip, and my nana and grandfather helped make all the magic happen for me.

It was around 11 am on the day before my actual birthday when we landed at McCarran International Airport. I was instantly shocked by the sheer size of the airport; it was huge! I was also surprised to see people just sitting down gambling right in an airport because, at home, we don’t have slots and gambling games in our airport.

Eager to start our adventure, we caught a shuttle bus to our hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, the Paris Hotel. The hotel was beautiful, with an amazing pool and gigantic marble bathroom. Right away after getting settled in, we went and took pictures with parrots – such as the African grey, macaw, cockatoo, and red-shouldered macaw – varieties outside on the Strip.

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We also went shopping, sightseeing, and swimming. We even made a stop at the spa. In addition, we went to the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck in our hotel. The Eiffel Tower was amazingly beautiful but probably not as beautiful as the actual tower in Paris, France. Afterward, we went to Eiffel Tower Restaurant, where I dove into piles of seafood like smoked salmon, a salad, and sparkling juice.

On my birthday, I woke up filled with joy. I turned 21 in Vegas! My nana and I started with a beautiful breakfast that included French toast, waffles, sausage, and orange juice. Then we went for a dip in the pool since I love to swim. We returned to the spa and got manicures and pedicures. Later, we went gambling inside our hotel. I didn’t play games like poker, blackjack, or craps; instead, I played the slots. After gambling, we went to dinner at our hotel restaurant. For my very first alcoholic beverage, I chose a daiquiri. It was delicious, I must say. For dinner, I had pasta, salad, French bread, and my daiquiri. For dessert, the wait staff bought out a red velvet cheesecake and sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

The time I spent with my nana was special. Her name is [redacted), and she’s 70 years old. She’s a licensed beautician and has her hair salon. It meant a lot to me to take this trip with her because she’s so special to me. She’s more like a second mom and has always been there for me since I was a baby. She’s usually very busy working and helping my grandfather around the house, so we both wanted to take a vacation to spend some quality time together. My birthday Vegas trip was the perfect opportunity.

Before we left, my nana and I took pictures together to treasure the time we spent. She’s one of my favorite people because I can be my normal goofy self around her. But she’s also just a kind, patient person who doesn’t fuss. While I will ddefinitelyVegas again someday, I will always remember my birthday trip to Vegas not just because it was a magical experience in and of itself, but also and perhaps mostly because I got to spend that time with my nana.

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