The Mission and Impact of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) to Society

Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) is an interest group with the mission of promoting the use and support of Planned Parenthood and its facilities. Its members support affordable healthcare, and sex education. and respect of others’ decisions without judgment, all of which are promoted by Planned Parenthood. Its members are widespread and total up to nearly 10 million, as members can simply sign up online and work as volunteers or promoters for the organization Most of the relatively small number of staff members work as educators from lower grades to college and beyond, and some even train teachers and professionals in education in educating others to further outreach on reproductive health.

Others organize and allocate funds to work to prevent anti-abortion and Planned Parenthood legislature from advancing PPAF is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization, and it gets all funding through activists, donors, and supporters. which some years have totaled up to $12 million Almost all of the money PPAF receives in donations is used for lobbying, or an attempt to influence policy often by communication with legislators.

Data shows that nearly all of PPAF’s funding goes toward the promotion of national. liberal government office holders, about $980,000, PPAF doesn’t lobby on lower levels of government but strongly encourages its members to. through grassroots lobbying, and it keeps followers updated on any significant policy changes or events pertaining to healthcare and reproductive health. Overall, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund does make an impact in the community of its members and volunteers, however, with the Republican majority in both the executive and legislative branches, its effect on policy right now is minimal.

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The greatest chance for the interest group to obtain its goals is to continue its grassroots lobbying technique with more force and hit lobbying in the legislature harder when the national government is more split between parties The PPAF has grown so significantly in number over the past 28 years that continuing to appeal to the public is how the organization is successful, growing in funds, and more capable of influencing policymakers.

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