The Night of Rage by Fred Vargas Review

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One day had Tuilot, the master of crossword puzzles, make a decision and there outweighed compassion for his wife Lucette. So he choked her, out of pure mercy. To be precise: the retirees she stuffed full of bread crumbs. She loved biscuit with raisins in the morning. Then she would fervently all the Bröckelchen and Bröselchen who had scattered widely around them, wegzuputzen. The reason for Tuilots pity was not wanted tolerate the daily dealings of the old couple in their cute little lodgers Toni and Marie, Lucette.

Every evening when she was asleep, visited him the clever, sensitive little creatures, and he chatted with them until they disappeared into the basement through a hole behind the downspout. Now Lucette, who could no longer stand the their disgusting little creatures had cemented it over the hole and Tuilot played its part in ensuring that they did not have to suffer any longer.

So macabre and bizarre starts Fred Vargas’ criminal case “the night of rage,” which was published in translation by Waltraud black now, and we feel the style by Ferdinand von Schirach’s collection “crime” reminiscent (2009).

But then Fred Vargas tells us a mystical and creepy legends from the middle ages, and will determine the criminal main plot.

In Normandy crosses the path Bonneval the forest of Alance. At the end of the 11th century, before the first crusade, a squad of armed men riding with a lot of noise through the town Ordebec. There are the “Mesnie Hellequin”.

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Every few decades, they return abruptly to grab people who are guilty of a crime unpunished. Undead with missing body parts on three-legged horses – but only people with visionary abilities terrifying avenger recognize you. The prophetic gift was passed on from generation to generation since time immemorial, always only to a chosen person. Lina received her determination of Gilbert, as he held his hand at her baptism over her head.

Commissioner Jean-Baptiste Adam Berg of the Paris police this monstrous legend was unknown until an old, frightened lady in him his Commissioner visited. The widow Valentine Vendermot is all the way from Ordebec to announce to him that people will die. She squirms, she does not dare to say what to open is prohibited her. It’s about Michel Herbier, a hated in the village hunter, who has disappeared and her daughter Lina. Which has the night to see the “furious army” pass: in the middle of screaming Herbier, Jean Glayeux, Michel Mortembot and a fourth, unidentified man Lina – all people from Ordebec. Linas premonition is the safer death sentence for the four men

Actually must Adamsberg work on two other cases.

1. Someone torched cars, which has come a well-known big businessmen killed.

2. As torments but someone actually pigeons by binding together their legs! But at the urging of the gendarmerie Ordebec he goes to Normandy.

Unfortunately, he failed as a policeman across the board, for the four murders happened in fact, without that it could prevent them. Who is behind it? Adam Berg does not believe in the mythical nonsense – it is rather convinced that someone deliberately people’s fear of “Mesnie Hellequin” uses to murder as self-appointed judge, but to direct the blame to others.

Ordebecs reality is far away from any normalcy. By almost every inhabitant is a bizarre story entwines. The clairvoyant Lina and her physically and mentally maimed brothers could have escaped from an asylum. What a horror story we served the author with all the delicious ingredients such as murder weapons, devil painting etc. to on! Vargas is here tip: With imaginative, original and grotesquely abstruse ideas it rises far above the abyss of Mystery- fantasy genre without ever crashing. In between, Adam Hill and its most unique Parisian Brigade strive in good faith to do their work – in their very special way. Also on board are Adam’s “Goddess” (a masculine woman), a science Sass, of any delicious droplets can resist a fish freak, a sofa Disturbed, a poetic colleague who likes to talk times in rhyme …in the end, Vargas conjures an offender out of the hat and made a candied conclusion sweet like a meringue. Oh dear, the whole floor full of crumbs, Excusez-moi, now I have only once wet feudeln … Au revoir.

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