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Rage . Pride . disappointment . Despair . Fear (Intro.) Until 11.

09. 2001, we believed that we live in anticipation of the Apocalypse. Once – it turned out that we live in postapokalisticheskom time-space. And the Day of Judgment is not struck when the two toy airplane stuck in the gingerbread towers – so, probably, all this must look like from space. It turned out that the Apocalypse, as has been said – n o w, that he long ago standing around us, like the city of Jerusalem from the BG song, only with a “minus” – and “waiting for us, waiting for us .


Foul grinning. . Rubbing his hands in anticipation

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“The Rage and the Pride” Review “The Rage and the Pride” Review “The Rage and the Pride” Review

Someone once said – “after Hiroshima can not write poetry.” Someone said this, that after Hiroshima is just what only remains that verses. What I mean is that the September 11, 2001 was exactly the same watershed – or, more precisely, to the river in a section of the – in the history of time, the fate of civilization white people.

Civilization, which had an operational method of surgery to remove metastases self-sufficiency and self-satisfaction. Yes, the world will never become unipolar. Yes, that’s it’s a living, with explosions and krovischey – it is painful and frightening. But even so, even so – even something we learned (1.) . all these banal in general, empty thoughts crept into my head? when I opened the bright red volume Oriana Fallaci, attracted dashing publishing annotation And away:.

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“On September 25, 1943 I do not cry, thank God, if even sometimes my. eyes become moist, and throat catches. but inwardly I pay more than those who shed tears. often, oh, often the words that I write is my tears. and the fact that I wrote after September 11, in fact, was uncontrollable weeping. On living and the dead. For those who seem alive, and in fact dead. Dead, because they do not have enough gunpowder to change, to become people worthy of respect “. Well, you can forgive overflowing emotion immediate witness tragedy in New York (this book has a downright heartbreaking line). But Fallaci – a journalist with Ogogo some experience, and it is a military journalist, climbed all the possible hot spots of the planet. It seems that it was possible to count on a certain objectivity, or something. Some saving in such cases reporterskuyu of horned soul with which only possible to speak of a truly terrible things. But Fallaci moves, as she claims, “a civic duty, a moral challenge and a categorical imperative.” (. 2) Let us consider more closely what it is “The main character of this war -. mountain that mountain that has not moved for 1,400 years, not I roused from. the abyss of its blindness, has not opened its doors to the conquests of civilization, know nothing wished for freedom, democracy and progress. In short, the fixed mount. That mountain, which, despite the shameful richness of their reactionary hosts (kings, princes, sheiks and bankers), and to this day languishing in the scandalous poverty, leads a vegetative existence in the monstrous darkness of religion, not producing anything other than religion. That mountain that drowning in ignorance (do not forget that almost every Muslim country, the number of illiterates over 60 per cent). that mountain, where the only source of information are the comics that depict selling artists commissioned by dictators imams. That mountain, which secretly envies, envies our way of life and holds us accountable for their material and intellectual poverty “The Muslims for Fallaci -. Not the people not even living creatures, well, there are any mutants. a. The mountain, a dull inert mass. In the case where the followers of the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him the name wa sallam), yet lucky enough to get at least some human traits, Fallaci syllable acquires liveliness and convexity marketplace battle. “Bastard” here – the mildest definition of Arab -. it . “Mustached piece of brown fat”, “God-loving zhivorez” or “virtuous Bloodletter” He, reptile – “smelly safes”, stuffed with dollars, and “rasproklyataya oil” On one of the martyred heroes of September 11 said in that tone: ” a huge pleasure for me just the fact that he will never be no funeral, no grave, that it will not have anything, even a hair “And, of course -. paranoia, close to where Prokhanov vision pale: “They are trying to impose their abnormality to me, my life, my country . They are in our country x, in our cities, in our universities, in our business companies. They forge brilliant communication with our churches, our banks, our television, radio, newspapers, publishers, our academic institutions, unions, our political parties. They penetrate into the heart of our technological systems . they live in the heart of society . which apply to them in the spirit of its liberal democracy, in the spirit of tolerance, Christian compassion. According to the principles of tolerance and civilized laws “(flashback somewhere in the Middle Ages: the infamous public execution of Saddam, replicated billions of television screens – that, therefore, there is tolerance and tolerance in the same spirit).” These are our laws, I would have called “leaky” full of loopholes that allow to cancel the sentence or release of the offender. Not by whether these loopholes our guests settle in our territory, interfere in our lives, manage us? “ The conclusion is obvious. ” They will always require to go into our business and manage us. As long as we have not obeyed Me. Therefore, to deal with them – it is impossible. Attempt to dialogue with them – is impossible. Demonstrate to them leniency and tolerance – is detrimental. And anyone who thinks the opposite, & nbsp; – fool the more a society is open and democratic, the more it is exposed to the danger of terrorism “” Well, of course, “. .Kto something that someone else did not understand (3.) “. the fact that the United States – an unusual country, my friend. The country, which is really jealous. Yes. The country to which, and which really are jealous, for reasons that have nothing to do with its wealth, its enormous power, its military superiority. Do you know why? . Because America is – a nation that generated the need of the soul in the Homeland (Patria) and the noblest of ideas whose expression in life can hardly be achieved West Liberty idea connected with the idea of ​​equality “These are the most North American States, whose territory in the old days it was occupied viselnym rabble with all the most stinking corners of the Old World, but even vremnem Fallaci happen enlightenment so, let another hefty dose Spolli on the Stars and Stripes -. “America saves, frees plebs” – it seems to be in poluza byte negotiated, and which had as good this disclaimer: “essentially, in America all the plebeians: white and black, yellow and brown, stupid and smart, rich and poor” That’s what I – “. civic duty, a moral challenge and a categorical imperative “. But it’s all nonsense. of particular pride Fallaci is unprecedented cohesion of the aforesaid plebeian face of danger in time of need for the fatherland the hour. A few enthusiastic pages in the address of the New York mayor Giuliani (Italian origin for Fallaci – a kind of seal of quality: Patricia ianskaya leaven yopt). Here we face pictures from the news: terrified crowds in lamb rushing in the scenery they themselves cherished, thousands of Hollywood shamans conjure hell (For myself:. In the Reaffirmation invariable Americans ready in case ” if tomorrow the war. “- recent mass hysteria in New York in broad daylight caused by a photoshoot backup aircraft Barack Obama, accompanied by two fighters Fearing a repeat of the September 11 events, office plankton Rushed in panic in all directions at once, leaving the workers th place Yes, national spirit -. is the force) (4) But the deeper and more serious, guys are much more serious and deeper “I’ll be honest, I feel uncomfortable at the mere mention of the” two cultures “When they are put on the same level like two parallel reality . Our culture is -. this Homer, Phidias, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes . Ancient Greece with its divine culture and architecture, poetry and philosophy, with its principles of democracy. Ancient Rome with its grandeur, “and blah blah blah for another three paragraphs now about these unfinished:” . Like it or not, the only thing that I find in the culture, so it is the Prophet with his holy book, awful ridiculous. . “. A small supplement is characterized by its great cultural level Fallaci”. .plyus several beautiful mosques “ And still deeper, deeper, g n at b w ie, as in “Marabou stork Nightmares”. memories of how at some strict customs inspection frontier guard-Arab drew attention to the painted bright scarlet l . ACOM nails Italian journalist course, the veil and sharia, sharia and the burqa, which without them and obsessive vision arises not once, not twice -. Tent some innocent Somali travelers, “who two summers ago disfigured Cathedral Square in Florence . . Yellow urine strip defiled millennial marble Baptistery, as well as its golden door . Lord! Far from the same shoot their jet, these sons of Allah! “. I do not know where to shoot” jet sons of God “, but the jet most rabid and overt, itself lyubuyuscheysya xenophobia Fallaci shoot close, but toxic. (. 5) What we have at the output of course, a book with a catchy title and thus combat intonation – simply hastily slyapat agitation for d u w e in n o backward it is simply:. that’s white, so black, that’s ours, but the enemy, with all of its horns, hooves and mandibles, as it should be the enemy But it’s all pink glossy world. Barbie weight s Konsumerium speaks through Falachchi in her imaginary conversations with the Pope, Osama and Silvio Berlusconi (I told you – paranoia) That he grinds his teeth in impotent rage and false pride in their phony miracles He did not understand this world. After receiving a kick in the ass, he does not think of anything better than to bring the first encounter with the beautiful and ruthless breed of new people with their young and predatory religion, people who are not afraid to cut the throats of infidels and substitute under the knife own throats for the sake of this religion – reduced to the banal Hollywood in-shuffling “us vs. them” And honestly -. on the site of some not yet fully clarified, “ultra-radical Muslims,” ​​I have arranged Reprint books Fallaci. . Because she, despite the name, all imbued with despair and fear The White Man still carries his own burden, trembling and reeling But -. “Beards grow back, and the veil will be worn again” .

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