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Road rage is an unofficial name of aggressive behavior caused by strong negative emotions, such as anger or acute frustration.

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In road rage conflicts the using of offensive language, threats, and obscene gestures is typical. The deliberately provocative and dangerous driving is also very often the case. Such actions can lead to conflicts between drivers with the use of physical force and cause of very serious accidents sometimes with fatal consequences. Such behavior can be classified as an extreme example of aggressive driving.

The history of the term dates back to the end of the eighties, when the local television used it for the first time to describe several cases of shootings on freeways in Los Angeles, California. After this incident, the Association of American motorist published a brochure explaining how to respond to aggressive drivers in order to avoid conflict.

According to the researches conducted by psychologists, the main causes of aggressive driving behavior is the desire to compete with other drivers or drive as fast as possible, as well as a desire to teach a lesson to the neighbors on road traffic, lack of respect for other drivers.

Road rage is a fairly serious threat and can be considered as a violation of property rights and personal safety, so this question is very relevant, and it is safe to choose this subject as a topic for serious scientific articles. Students who has decided to explore the road rage in their investigation should first consider the causes of this phenomenon and try to find ways to avoid such situations.

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You should carefully consider what methods modern psychology offers to address this issue. You must also specify what action should be avoided in order not to provoke the other drivers to aggressive behavior and what to do if the conflict nevertheless is happening and there is a threat to your personal safety.

These and many other questions you have to answer in your research paper on road rage. Your article should be well planned and should present a strong case in support of your position on the matter. The main theme of your work should have a clear outline and be clearly traceable throughout the paper. It would not come amiss to provide your own thoughts and suggestions to improve the safety of the traffic, as well as methods for eliminating potentially dangerous situations on the road. In case you have any difficulties with this paper writing or your knowledge and experience are not enough to present decently the research you did, we encourage you to seek help from a free sample research papers that were written by experienced scientists and contain all the necessary components of successful research paper. These examples you will find without any difficulty on the Internet.

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