In The Mirror Of Evil By Peter Schnieders And Fred Sellin Review

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No, bizarre acts of violence are not, and no, the language skills of Ferdinand von Schirach Peter Schnieders not. published in 2009 Strafverteidiger von Schirach small “stories” about human abysses being, who had landed as a “case” on his desk; “Crime” was immediately a bestseller (Lesen my review to Ferdinand of Schirach:’Verbrechen’ on books Rezensionen”.

Now here is published by Goldmann Peter Schnieders’ “In the mirror of evil” , with the subtitle “A police commissioner says.” Here, the journalist Fred Sellin was retired today Commissioner as co-author to help.

While acting von Schirach at the level of jurisdiction, the cases so to speak processed served as file folders on the tablet gets determined Schnieders for 43 years on site the facts, and from that we experienced in his book. He stood in the mud, made his hands dirty, countless bodies in pools of blood studied, ensured his team tracks notify relatives heard thousands of witnesses. nothing human is alien to him, he has not yet Physical Mental the penetrating odor of decomposition.

today in the nose.

Comprehensive he often felt n experiences early on a gut level where the true perpetrators must be sought. But to convict him and put behind bars, needs pingeligster legwork. If the evidence is insufficient, the perpetrators are not caught up in lies, clues have to serve. Unfortunately, determining remain despite modernster high-tech methods repeatedly crimes unsolved. The offender can not be convicted, he lives in freedom in our midst.

Ten cases told the former head of the Criminal Investigation Commissioner K11 in Cologne.

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One of them is the assassination of Oskar Lafontaine during an election rally on April 25, 1990. Who then saw the TV news will remember Lafontaine collapses, touches his neck, immediately, men rush protectively over him and try the bleeding to stop. It was the act of a mentally disturbed woman who actually Johannes Rau in his sights, who stood on the rostrum next to Lafontaine, but then decided otherwise. What abstruse world view that woman Umtrieb and how they staged their act, Schnieders describes vividly frightening. The statistics reveal that most perpetrators of the living environment originate their victims. In the episode “Easter” the author is this fact: A father directed his whole family cruelly out. As head of the family he had always looked after the affairs of all. He thought he was irreplaceable, because without him no one could govern his life. Finally, it increases in the delusion that without him no one wanted to live longer. Once all are dead, he judges himself.

Always ready to be whether day or night, whether weekday or weekend, whether working or holiday -. The working conditions of a commissioner make it almost impossible to maintain a family life , Thus, lives Schnieders after two failed connections, today alone. Maybe he will now retired time to catch up on some things.

“In the mirror of evil” is entertaining processed, unadorned reality reading, which dispenses with artfully designed spikes and sensationalism. Times reported Schnieders in turn, sometimes we read the dialogue between the interrogators and the suspects, sometimes, the Commissioner reminded during his investigation of past cases. What certainly attracts us to the reading, the voyeur-need we probably all feel at least a little in us. To learn how the things around us actually carry, simply has more thrills than any TV series that tries to entertain us with thought-out crime of all kinds and their education.

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In The Mirror Of Evil By Peter Schnieders And Fred Sellin Review
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