The New Marketing Ideas in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Marketing Articles “Storytelling Key to Burberry’s China Strategy” by Harilela

The article was written with the intention of inculcating marketing knowledge to executives in the fashion industry. For this reason, the underlying ideas were meant to help marketers understand the fragile nature of the consumers in the fashion arena. Marketers are
advised to use developed marketing elements and strategies that can be adopted in the fashion industries to boost the image and foster the trust of their customers. Moreover, the article aligns the basics impression created by the consumer on a certain product.

The taste and preference features determine the choice made on the market. The nature of the commodity, fashion trend and the age group bring the variation on market demand of the designers’ brands.

With the improved global market, the fashion industry is made to involve its consumers in some events such as, concerts shows, entertainments, retail experiences, and fashion arena.The article persuades businesses to invest in developing their relationship with consumers.

Nurturing business relationships act as a strategic approach that helps marketers to reduce the psychological gap between them and buyers. Bridging this gap is the basis of fostering customer loyalty, which is key in nurturing brand image and increasing sales. The article has applied the set of marketing techniques that focus on the target market and the policies to adapt in order to increase client base in the fashion industry.

AWhirlwind London Fashion Week With Adwoa Aboah

Thematic concerns raised by the article are similar to those pointed out by Harilela (2014).

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It focuses on the recent customer engagement event that was organized by the London- based fashion brand. Ahmed (2018) narrates the tale of a fashion designer who was expected to
deliver a powerful speech at the said event. This speech was expected to highlight fashion issues revolving around the way models should be treated, the importance of diversity, and how to support emerging talent for sustainability of the fashion industry. Ahmed (2018) describes the model as rather unique since she uses the approach of activism to champion for the development of fashion and the need to support designers in their quest. One of the marketing ideas that come out of the article is the use of marketing channels to target a wide aray of potential clients. The fashion industry is dynamic and; therefore, innovation is the key competent of success in any fashion business. In addition, the events act as an advertisement platform for different designers to showcase their products and also raise an alarm to fashion evolution through organized modeling arenas. Different groups of audience participation allows them to give different opinions on what needs to be advanced and embrace the trending fashion in the market.

New Marketing in Fashion e-Commerce

The article adopts a scientific approach to explore the effectiveness of new fashion marketing approach, which is facilitated by advancements in infomation and communication technology. It introduces new marketing tools and models within the context of e-commerce.
One of the main arguments in the article is that electronic trade has reduced the significance of having stores with a physical presence. It introduces the concept of “online marketing” and illustrates how it has grown in significance because of its flexible nature. Digitalization in the fashion business relies on the new technology-savvy behavior of the modern day consumers who spend substantial time on their Smartphones. To sustain a notable standard in fashion industry various marketing conceptS such as quantitative and qualitative data analysis have to be used to generate efficient information about the target customers and the market segment. Use of web-
based marketing channels, such as online site, for instance, Facebook and Instagram initiatives, help the enterprises reach a wider range of consumers who are interested and create the need for adopting the right marketing techniques as per the technology advancement.

Academic Conceptualization of Ethical Clothing

The article provides a deeper insight into the relationship between clothes that are considered ethically acceptable in the community and the level of actual purchase that they command. Although many people agree that ethical clothing has a bigger customer base (compared to other types of clothing), there is need to determine the level of sales recorded over time. There are four main influence dimensions on the perceptions of the customer on ethical clothing which include employee welfare, environmental responsibility, attributes of slow fashion, and animal welfare. The article is consistent with the principles of understanding customer perceptions on the different code of dressing and behavioral effects it has. It takes the form of the qualitative and quantitative study that investigates the different factors that are likely
to affect the general sales based on high affinity for ethical clothing in the marking field.


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