The Importance of Teamwork in The Hunger Games, a Novel Series by Suzanne Collins

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The claim for the story “The Hunger Games” By Suzanne Collins is that Teamwork can save you and help you emotionally in the long run. Some reasons of this is that, for one, Teamwork/Allyship with her teammates made the people who watched the games, caring, worried and got her more sponsors and her district more looked at and richer, another reason that this is a good thing is that her team sparked rebellion because of how emotional the story is, my last reason is that her team motivated her and cause the scene of the story to change brighter and more hopeful.

These are all reasons that the claim of the “Hunger Games” is that teamwork can save you from death and get more people to like you. The story is about a young adult named Kannis who volunteered for the Hunger Games, a game in which you Kill other people to survive, one person can survive this game and it’s a 1/24 chance of winning this game.

Kannis wins the game with Peeta (Rule Change Mid Way Through Allows This. As I said before is that Her teammates help her, move the story forward and build the characters up and give a way for more problems to arise, this also attracted sponsors (Rue Death Got Here District To Send Her Bread) and when Peeta was injured Got her the sponsor and got her more supplies and really made her chances for survival increased a whole lot as she was united with like Peeta and Rue.

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This also show that her team saves her from surly death in the arena by “The Careers” and many more people that could have killed her.

Another reason that the teamwork in the Hunger Games had purpose, is because teamwork can get more done faster, an example of this is when rue went to destroy the supply crates while Rue was doing something else, they both got stuff done shorter, until she died, She also showed one of the tributes watching her and Rue, giving kannis a chance to eliminate a tribute from the games. When Kannis was with Peeta the teamwork allowed her and Peeta to look like a couple who had a chance in the game allowing people to Donate to her to help her survive, to attract attention and to manipulate the games to their advantage. Also this shows when Peeta saved Katniss by attacking the last tribute from the game (Not Including Peeta And Katniss) and winning the game for them and there life was ruined as she lost friends and more.

My second piece of evidence toward my claim that the Hunger Games is about Teamwork is that teamwork and working together can start a spark of terrorism, a Real life example of this is “Common Sense” which sparked the idea of rebellion for the American colonies. This is the same for the book, The more they see something so large pointing to rebellion it gets people to realize how this is not right and will start to rebel. My third piece of evidence is that teamwork kept kannis motivated as a person to keep going and surviving, as I stated before the brightest/ happiest moments in the game where with her teammates/ allys. Theres plenty of more information in the story it got her much more protective to herself and others, it also made her more aware. Another piece of evidence is that Kannis will be able to do more with more than one. Some people may argue that the game’s “Survival Of The Fittest” I would respond saying if the games were survival of the fittest then why would most of their time spent with other people developing stories. In Conclusion the story is about Teamwork and how it brings hope, friendship and much more that can save you in a life threatening experience.

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