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The nation of Panem Is the ruins of the place once known as North America. Panem was once surrounded by 13 districts, and at the center of it is the Capitol. The districts had created an uprising before against the capitol which ended Into destruction of the District 13. The 12 districts remained but have been faced to a game where lite is at stake -the Hunger Games which tor the capitol reminds everyone In Panem that it is to pay what had happened in uprising.

The Hunger Games is game where two tributes (players) from every district will be chosen. The players name are drawn In d ceremony called the Reaping. The Reaping Is the time where names of every citizen ages from 12-18 years old will be drawn. The more you entries you give In the Reaping the more ration you will get tor your tarnlly.

In districts hunger games Is a cruel thing because tributes will kill each other and is being televised live on TV. Family of tributes will be grieving since it is a sacrifice for them to be saved from hunger.

Thesis Statement For The Hunger Games

The victor of the game will be spending a splendid life from providing them shelter to making their stomach full this is to remind the people ot Panem that even the dlstrlcts created an uprising before the capitol Is still enerous enough to partake in giving such rewards.

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Katniss Everdeen is a girl who lives in District 12 where coal mining was their livelihood. Her father died at mine tunnels when he stepped on a mine. Since then she took the responsibility as the head of the family since her mother became so depressed with what happened to their father.

He also has a sister named Primrose Everdeen. Katniss lived a life of survival and protected Prim since their father died. She always slipped on the district’s fence and hunt for their dally needs and food which is Illegal for it is a form f theft, getting something out of the fence means getting something from the Capitol. Since the peacekeeper in 12 is nice, getting outside the fence and trading food from the woods became so negligible. until the day of the Reaping comes and the 74th Hunger Games will begin, Prim’s name got drawn to become one of the tributes trom 12.

But to protect Prim was one ot Katniss’ priorities so she volunteered for her sister. The drama of course made Katniss very popular In the Capitol and that made Katniss gain more sponsors. On the other hand Peeta Mellark was also drawn to become one of the tributes. Peetd Melldrk was the men who helped Katniss when she cant get any food from the woods and by that time she’s literally begging for food to keep her tamlly alive. Peeta, a son ot a baker burned bread Intentionally and got scolded by his mother since it is a waste.

He had thrown the bread directly to his position instead of their pigs The tributes from 12 were guided to the Justice Building of the district. They can be found In different room where visitors are allowed to come until the day where they travel to the capitol. Madge, the mayor’s daughter visited Katniss and gave her a Mockingjay pln. Mocklng]ay Is a bird made from a cross breed of jabber]ay (which is a weapon, that can record a sound or voice to their mind and they are used during the uprising) and a mocking bird.

Thus this bird became her Identity during the hunger games since it is a symbol of the District 12. alive the next time theyll see each other. They rode a train to the capitol where they met Effie Trinket and Haymitch. Effie Trinket is a woman from the Capitol with a weird sense of fashion. She is the one who draw names during the reaping and will be assisting the tributes in the Capitol. Haymitch is the only victor of the District 12. He became the mentor of the tributes during the games. The game is fast approaching, and so the tributes from all the districts were programmed to be a career.

Career means attending a whole lot of training about weaponry and survival. They also went to a parade at the Capitol which also made Katniss very interesting where Cinna (her head stylist} made a black gown that actually flicker with fake fire that can’t even hurt a skin. Katniss was aliased as the “Girl on Fire”. So she gained more sponsors. There is also a day where they had a televised interview from Flickerman. And what so urprising is that Peeta confessed that he is in love with Katniss.

Which in the other hand a conflict, because they can’t be no two victor in a game and that means they will kill each other and that will end their love story. So after the interview they played the star-crossed lover roles. And it is also a good trick for the capitol people did bite it. They became so passionate with them and also they sponsored for the two. So the Hunger Games began, at first Peeta has Joined a pack of different tributes, while Katniss made it to herself. Days passed when Katniss has finally Joined herself n ally -Sue from the District 8.

When Sue got killed by one of the tributes, Katniss unaware of what she’s doing sparked an uprising by putting flowers on Sue’s body until a hovercraft appear to take the cold body. She also did the sign of love and respect in 12. Days passed and the game has become boring. No killings and so the head of the Game Makers bend a rule that change their lives. “Two tributes will be victors if they were from the same district”. After hearing it, she chased Peeta down the woods and when they see each other they played the star-cross lover again.

After o many killings, Peeta and Katniss are still alive. They are waiting for the signal that they will be announced victors but they are not announcing it, instead they announced that the rule has been changed again of course for the entertainment of the Capitol. And so they challenged the capitol by putting poisonous berries in their mouth together that made the game makers change their minds and announce the two as the victors. The Capitol was mocked by the act, so after the games the two became a threat to the government. And another uprising against the Capitol has begun.

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