Hunger Games Heros Journey Essay

The Hunger Games tells of an ordinary teenage girl who lives in District 12, who struggles to live within the fences. Katniss’ Call to Adventure is when her younger sister Prim is called to be a tribute and participate in the seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games. Katniss does not Refuse her Call to Adventure because she immediately volunteers to take the place of Prim. Katniss does not want her sister to be in danger so she does everything in her willpower to keep her from harm, even if that includes sacrificing herself.

A Threshold Guardian would be Prim because when she was chosen Katniss volunteered to take her place, but Prim did not want her to go.

Essay Example on A Hero’s Journey – The Hunger Games

Katniss doesn’t necessarily have a Mentor, instead, she uses her own independence to strengthen her. On the contrary, she does have the help of her best friend Gale to encourage her, while also receiving help from the “mentor” that has been given to Katniss and Peeta – Haymitch, who has already survived a hunger games.

The Talisman that Katniss has is the Mockingjay pin given to her by Madge, which is a small sign of rebellion. One of Katniss’ Companions is Peeta. She is accompanied by Peeta to compete in the Hunger Games with her. He becomes a significant character throughout the series and through the Games.

Katniss Crosses the Threshold when she boards the train with Peeta, Effie and Haymitch to go to the Capitol.

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When they get to the Capitol everyone is dressed weird with weird wigs on, and their faces painted. At the capitol she meets their stylist, Cinna, who gives her the nickname “the girl that was on fire”. When they go to the main plaza in the city where they will go in front of an audience, Cinna lights them, and tells them to hold hands. When they get to the training center, Katniss is in awe of how luxurious her room is.

Katniss’ Road of Trials begins and she is raised into the arena and the 74th annual Hunger Games begin. At the cornucopia Katniss gets an o…

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Hunger Games Heros Journey Essay
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