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The following sample essay on “Max Landorff” tells the biography of the writer about his first steps in his work and the books he wrote.

In the lonely Mörlbach in the Bavarian Alps of Jedlitschka farm is located. Gabriel Tretjak had since rented a hall equipment years ago and developed into an observatory with a rotating dome on the roof. Here he spends in front of his telescopic many nights, because the view of the universe has for him something reassuring.

When the now deceased farmer inquired about his profession at that time, he satisfied their curiosity, of course, only with nice innocuous – by entities would find it pleasant when he does something for them; depending respected and richer, is the greater to delegate its desire things to him to have control of him. “So you are a regulator …” – the Jedlitschka created his job title

His one-man company has organized Gabriel as him an Indian specialist, the world’s restructured companies and optimized.

had advised. Since then, the method of competing priorities determined his way of working. As a student in psychology Professor Norbert Kufner he heard lectures “Is it possible to reprogram the soul?” On the subject Professor Harry Kerkhoff, a brain researcher, he developed the “Seven Commandments” fixed principles by which he in the life stories of other meshes, fate plays.

With this knowledge, he is now a top expert who compared discrete top paying top work makes: He arranges divorces, helps (by a federal minister in charge) a member of parliament who had the red light district his joy to come out with a clean slate of the matter batters (an industrialist in order) a Cologne sect in the “had lost the soul of his daughter” to (p 126) punches a German industrialist from an Algerian jail free and so on.

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the beginning of a series of cruel murders gets Tretjaks everyday apart at the seams. Since he was in contact with all the victims for their lifetime and strange messages are clearly addressed to him, the suspicion falls on him, and Commissioner painter of the Munich homicide arrested him. But then he is released, must be sought as the murderer rather Tretjaks environment. he is from his immediate family?

Gabriel’s mother died of cancer, and when Father Paul had left the six year-old boy alone, spent Gabriel his childhood on a farm in an extended family. The hatred of the father grew immeasurably: He should pay for his lack of love! Gabriel hung him a case of abuse with a six year old and forced him to give up his flourishing hotel business and dive into a house on Lake Maggiore forever …

Another dark side in Gabriel’s past was pitched about twenty years ago : at that time spent Gabriel people sleepless nights with college friend Joseph Lichtinger and hot intellectual discussions of biochemistry, physics and their influences on logical thought processes of the human brain. They also had a plan to a bomb, Russians and 50 million dollars. But then the way of friends Lichtinger studied theology separated, became pastor … Does he have now his fingers in a bad game to Gabriel?

The headlines in the media can fly up Tretjaks identity and ruin the business and its existence – without discretion no orders! Is his life in danger? Terrible fear overwhelmed him; he is looking for a therapist, takes tranquilizers

Under the pseudonym “Max Landorff” the author published his first thriller with the “regulator.” – and leads both the Commissioner and Gabriel Tretjak and the reader to and then to present the end of the run around an entirely unexpected culprit …

Probably we will expect a few episodes with the “controller”. This figure, just created is consistent. But it falls short of the true thriller tension in the action happening because cruel murders alone create any sleepless nights. In addition, in this first case, a number of inconsistencies and until the final outstanding issues remain – such as whether Gabriel has a half-brother Luca. On the one hand disappeared for years, on the other hand denies Gabriel ever having met him. Perhaps this enigmatic existence indeed a deliberate move by Max Country Orff, one Derasse its sleeve and fabric for later sequels … The bottom line stands out this crime not yet out of the mass of the genre produced; but what is not, can still be!

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