Pepsi Max Competition

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Pepsi Max 1 problem identification: Introducing new low calorie and sugar free soft drink and consumers are unaware of it, but they are aware of Pepsi brand in the market 2 target audience: Geographic: Land: world wide Demographic: Age: 15-35 Gender: males who want to stay healthy Psychographic: Social status: upper / middle / lower SWOT analysis Strength Pepsi has stayed in this market for almost one century. So they are so experienced and stationed in people’s mind deeply. Now no one doesn’t know the brand Pepsi-Cola Whenever the name Pepsi is heard, people will conjure up the image of fresh and cool drink.

Pepsi-Cola is not only in high quality, cool and fresh but also have a competitive price in Chinese market* Sometimes Pepsi-Cola even has a lower price than Coca-Cola In China Opportunities Pepsi is such an experienced powerful global company, which has a basic of a great fund. So it has the ability to place a Idle sum of money to the promotion.

We can see that the advertisement of Pepsi-Cola is so attractive. It also invited the top famous people to advertise for it. The advertisement is so elaborate and attractive so that Pepsi gained the special prize of the advertisement Granny.

Pepsi Max Target Market

Pepsi also compares with the competitors and find their disadvantages to update its own quality, flavor and also package promptly in order to satisfy the consumers’ need. This is the biggest advantage of Pepsi Company. Weakness The design of Pepsi-Cola’s package is not as attractive as Coca–cola.

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It still needs to be improved. Threats Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola have had the competition for about 80 years. Although Pepsi-Cola have won several times during this competition, the market share of Pepsi-cola is a little bit smaller than Coca-Cola 3 consumer insights:

Inspire consumer to be loyal to Pepsi max (Results in customers preferring the brand and buying it over and over) 4 brand: Pepsi max is low-calorie and sugar-free cola for men 5 communication objectives: Customers preferring the brand and buying it over and over 6 selling idea: Live life to the Max 7 support: Pepsi max is low-calorie, sugar-free cola which help men not to gain weight. 8 creative direction: Pepsi Max. 100% Taste, 0% Sugar Live life to the Max” 9 media: TV ads before and after matches, Billboards, Magazines, and Online strategy

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