The Role of Important Life Skills in My Life

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Life is based on experiences. Sometimes the only way someone can learn right from wrong is by experiencing it. Through my experiences, I have picked up many life skills such as time management, being kind, staying positive, and being a good communicator. These have all played an important role in shaping me into the young lady that I am today.

In middle school and even more so in my high school years, I have had to develop time management because of how busy of a student athlete I was.

Playing three Varsity sports my freshman year was extremely overwhelming, especially trying to adapt to the whole social and academic aspect of being in high school. Through experience, I had to learn how to balance the things that were the most important. In the following year I gave up one of those sports, and then in the year after that I gave up another. By junior year I had figured out which things were most important to me and developed the skill to spread my time out evenly between them.

This is an extremely important skill to have because if you do not know how to choose the things that have the most importance and divide your time up wisely you will get way over your head. Personally, I believe this skill is extremely important in college because that is the first time you are really on your own and need to stay in control of everything.

Another major life lesson that I have developed is to be kind.

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I think this plays a huge role in high school because you never truly know what someone is going through whether it is mentally, emotionally, or even physically. Based on my experiences of two peers committing suicide in my high school career because of bullying, I have seen firsthand how important this simple life skill can be. This skill is obviously very helpful because its impact can range all the way from making someone’s day, to saving their whole life. Even in some instances this may not always seem like the easy thing to do, it is always the right thing to do. A simple hello can go a long way.

Staying positive is something that I strongly believe in. After shattering my hand less than 6 months ago I was told I may never be able to regain motion back much less ever grip again. After many months of hardworking and extensive therapy, I have regained about 85% of it back which is a huge deal. Throughout the whole process I have learned just how important looking on the bright side is. Even bad days only have 24 hours and I just think that is an extremely important thing to pay attention to. I think this is a huge skill to develop because of the impact it can have and the fact that you can waste so much of your life worrying about the things that are going wrong instead of the ones that are going right.

Being a good communicator, many people come to me for advice. Helping people is one of my passions and communicating with others is a main part of that. This life skill really comes use I play line one doubles on my high school Varsity tennis team. In matches you have to be extremely efficient in communicating with your partner so that you know who has what ball and where you are out on the court. This life skill has helped me a lot in my athletic life as well as my social life. Growing up playing basketball, a huge key to success was communicating with your teammates. My basketball team grew up playing together so communication was definitely our best aspect. My coach always used to say “communication wins championships.” Being able to communicate with others is an extremely important for my future career choice. I am planning on becoming a pediatric nurse. Along with this job comes talking to dozens of new people every day.

Overall, I believe that time management, being kind, staying positive, and being a good communicator are some of the most important life skills to develop. However, they may not truly develop until you have gone through an experience without them. Once they do develop, theses skills can lead to a happy successful life. These life skills have definitely played a major role in my life and I see them having the same aspect on many other people now and in the future.

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