Gender Plays An Important Role in Who Can Learn

Some people think gender plays a major role in who can learn or do better at math; however, they are mistaken. In a recent research study the gender difference in who can learn or do better at math is little to none. In addition to the research a study “analyzed data from 242 studies published between 1990 and 2007, representing the testing of 1,286,350 people. Overall, the difference = 0.05, indicating no gender difference, and variance ratio = 1.08, indicating nearly equal male and female variances”. This was a large study that summarized and compiled multiple research studies and when looked at in whole there is no significant difference between men and women.

I have stated and demonstrated that gender doesn’t affect how well a student does in math; however, there are many things that actually can affect how well a student does in math. For example, if the student had a mental deficiency such as dyscalculia, dyslexia, schizophrenia, ADHD, and many other mental illnesses. Other things such as the poor teaching methods, overcrowded classroom, lack of supervision and/or lack of inspection, and many other environmental situations.

After just scratching the surface of this conflicting subject over decades of dispute I would say my view of math has definitely changed. This is because I now know that some people don’t have as fair a learning environment than others do and that gender plays very little role in who can learn or do math better than the other. This information has definitely widened my view of things and changed my thought perception about gender stereotypes.

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Many famous people have influenced math as we know it today, both men and women like William Playfair and Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace worked alongside a man named Charles Babbage who was working on a calculating machine called the “Analytical Engine”. Babbage was focused solely on the calculating aspects of the machine but Ada supplied notes including the first idea of computer-generated music . She also translated an article about the Analytical Engine which included how to calculate a sequence of numbers which forms the basis of the design of the modern computer which is why she is also referred to as the “enchantress of numbers”. Other people such as William Playfair founded other things such as graphical statistics. It is very difficult to overstate his importance because he “invented the line graph, pie chart, and the bar graph as well as the use of timelines” (Hickey, 2012). Those are two of the many people who have influenced the way math is today.

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