My Life and Positive Reinforcement to Guide My Daughter in Her Life

Before learned chapter 7, the meaning of learning for me was the knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught, and now after I learned this chapter my view and thought have changed. The reasons why it changed because the contents of lectures are new information. For example, I saw in the lecture of chapter 7 was Pavlov’s dog, which is about that making dogs react without consciousness, There is a step for that Firstly, you should feed them regularly.

Next, you should ring the bell before you feed. Lastly, repeat it. Then, you can see the scene that dogs are drooling whenever you ring the bell because this reaction is almost the made result with training dogs to drool, Even though, most people have learned this fact before, but it was new for me because I don‘t have a dog to know how they can be capable of after training them , either I have learned.

Next, the most interesting part in this chapter to me is about service animals.

I have already known that dogs are usually used as service animals, but there are a lot many other types of animals like dolphins, snakes, parrots, horses, and monkeys. Those animals provide help to human for living. Before I learned the chapter I have never thought about those animals can be service animals and can help human. The most interesting part for me in this chapter is the video in the lecture; the helper monkeys can positively affect people’s mental illness; For example, there is a person, who is disabled his name is Michael, and he has a monkey whose name is Kathy.

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The monkey can turn on the TV, and always stick with his friend Michael. The monkey makes Mickle happy and feeling positive about his life. Michael really satisfies to live with helper monkey.

Thinking of examples of classical conditioning learning in my own life, after a bad car accident with my friend, I had the feeling of fears every time I heard sound of squealing brakes, I started to cringe and break into a sweat because the accident was preceded by the sound of squealing brakes and the sound reminds me with the accident. In addition, the operant conditioning learning in my own life, when my daughter has gone for a week without arguing with me, she gets to choose which favorite activity she wants to engage in on Friday night. I used positive reinforcement when she has been able to refrain from arguing for a week It’s like a treat for her when a desired behavior is Observational learning in your own life? displayed.

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