“Little Big Things”

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The following example essay on “Little Big Things” is an analysis of a literary work by Jodi Picoult. The essay reveals the plot of the book and talks about the main characters of the story.

Why I choose this book? Because I like the game of words: “little big things” and made me interested to find out more. The last book I read with a similar game of words, helped me with some advice easily to be used in my daily life.

 I read a little summary about the book to discover if the main idea suits to my personality. Then I noticed a lot of wildly counterintuitive aspects like “ Boring is beautiful” . Moreover, the art of transforming little things in something excellent is something that I NEED to learn. I am saying this because I used to do little things and tasks but going nowhere with them, without a final goal that can transform the little things in something big.

I am sure that all my daily little tasks can be trained, so in the final to make great job through them. Firstly, the way Tom Peters use the words simple and strictly to the point, made me to wish to have a simpler thinking starting from today. Most of the times I like to overcomplicate the situations and not to take the point in a simple and directly way.

I find myself in the first part of the book where I observed that I have a tendency to appreciate more “sexy things” while I reject the “unsexy things”.

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Here is a really inspirational example: in a hospital could be saved 10.000 lives if everyone who entered, was wearing a pair of compression socks. Such a little gesture could make such a great impact in others lives. This story made me to think deeply to all the moments when I rejected some things and did something superficial instead.

For instance, when I have a chewing gum in the car, I tend to throw it out of the window and think “it’s only one, it’s not so important”, but I miss to think that if a bird eat it, will die. Such little things, can influence so much. Now, I really like to notice what I am doing wrong and bother others and try to repair these how much I can. Because I live with the principle “ Never do to others what you wouldn’t have them do to you”. So what I learned in addition to this is to start doing “unsexy, useful” things, because they will have “sexy” results. Another point into I found myself was “ asking all nearby me what it’s best for me”. They don’t know this. I am the only one who should know, because I have the power over my life.

Here is a very valuable information for me. “ If you don’t have an elder, take one”. Usually I really appreciate the advice from people older than me and I am in a continue searching for them, but sometimes I feel that I don’t really use them at maximum. From this point I learned how important is an elder for the marketing and product developers. Like I am now, a product developer ( festive cu luminite/ skirts with lights) what I need is a person over 50 with a different perspective about life, about how the things are working.

I have the young mentality and I will complete the best with the opposite one than me: elder. People over 50 are more energetic longer, pay more attention to the important details, are more capable to think at cold: without being influenced by outside or with a better experience.

After all of these I remind an event from my life where I can notice how true these information are. I were in the day with the party organized by us and we had a lot of problems in series. I was really panicked and I called my parents to come and help us because we need an adult perspective and a mature one.

I saw a really big difference in a serious situation like the one with termination a contract. We were very naive to do all what the owner said, without paying attention to the small details that count. So having an elder person near you, with the experience of life will save you for sure from dangerous situations and will give you valuable details. Some really little tasks, could be transformed in something very important.

Moving to another part of the book, I have confirmed a principle of my life: perfection is not so good! I don’t like or want it so much! It could sound weird, but for me is something true. Why? Because in terms of happy customers or repeat customers, the problem with perfection is that you don’t remember anything because it was perfect.

The happiest customer of all will be a customer who had an awful problem with us and then we made a brilliant comeback. We can make this by overwhelming them with our new responsiveness. Brilliant comebacks after a screw-up are one of the most important things we can do is our businesses.

I really used this is our business with fustite. We had an awful moment when we lost a client because we responded to her message too cold. She made some complaints and was very outrages of our customer service. We returned to her with a really warming message and some sales and winning points and we made her really want to order some fustite. This moment for us was truly glorious to notice how we transformed a lost client into a good comeback with some sales.

Great comebacks beat perfection, this is the way they can remember us more than for perfection. Changing the direction of attention, I learned that the steps in the wrong direction are very useful. The example from the book is very interesting: most of the people would tend to believe that if they have an awful store with awful staff, they will be awful too. But if you have a wonderful store, with wonderful attitude they got to say it’s awful attitude.

Because the people are more important than the store. So the advice here is to lock the budget down and then to take one last step back. To go to the budget and cut the capital expenditures by twenty-five percent and put that amount of money into that people. Everybody can renovate and make the store look amazing, but the attitude of the stuff and their trainings are what is really important. Money put into people will make a crazy transformation into amazing things. This is what I have learned.

I didn’t used this till now because I didn’t have people under me. But it’s a really good point for my parents business where there is a great problem with all the employees. I will transmit it to my mother this advice and I am sure how important difference will make to have trained persons. These type of trainings will make the employees ready to run the business in the proper way.

For instance, training for communication, organization and project management are the first necessities that deserves to have money invested into. Cutting money from making the space look good and investing in people is a lesson good to be kept in every business from now on.

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