Happiness is a little bird by Ingrid Kaltenegger Review

And life is a machine. The shy little bird tends to Wegflattern, the machine for running dry. Linn and Franz Brandstätter, both far beyond the 40, have come to terms with both. Surrounded by old furniture that “not going smoothly worked,” they inhabit the tiny property, inherited the Linn with the inventory of her grandmother. Like leaving Linn Sisters (both already own “properly functioning” property), the house of the youngest, but their shares (only a “symbolic sum”) they wanted to immediately get paid.

If they look to the mother “in a jump over,” they do not save with advice which remedial measures would do well to heirloom, ignoring, however, that none of them are compatible only with the cost of borrowing for the desired settlement payments.

< p> the financial resources of the family is not their only problem. For friction and daughter Julie makes. While lack of interest is the basic disposition of the four-year-olds (whatever their educational commitment of slow), but she knows sent the favor of the hour to use, where their parents ( “totally perverse figures” who despises without many words) gran telnd self-absorbed are.

At suffers motivation deficits Franz ‘professional life. He teaches bored high school students in music, a subject that many of his young clients have chosen only because they are still untalented for alternatives and have no idea that they are too bad for Franz.

Somehow Franz ‘whole life in the wrong waters drifted. he experiences feelings of happiness only in his dreams when he stands in the midst of his former rock band on stage and the audience to him, enthusiastically cheering the solo guitarist.

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But not on undisturbed Traumduseln he can rely on even when Linn’s Thrush Alarm Clock loszwitschert, the wife half pulls his cozy warm blanket and then tampered with their kitchen utensils, while the radio blares. . And on a Tuesday where he needs to school until the sixth hour

To summarize: Family life does not work very smoothly

On the basis of this kind (though not. particularly original) midlife crisis configuration succeeds the 1971 born in Salzburg author Ingrid Kaltenegger to develop a fun, sympathetic-brave action with magical sprinklings. The initial spark brings a book in the book, “Lift to Happiness” by Scott Acton, an easy-life help for “Sex, spirituality, self-realization, recognition, love, success and money.” A colleague has Linn paid to these universal guide, and its reading inspires them to take to save their marriage in attack.

So the frustrated would-be rock star Franz is soon in a beautifully situated Carinthian mountain hotel to to learn in a Life balance workshop -Wochenendseminar by celebrated in the US life coach , how to let himself fall right. Because then the method The Elevator to Happiness works quite easily. You just press the right Button in the elevator, and hey presto you hit your Happiness-level .

But it’s not for a rationalist and grouch stodgy fuss around meditating and relaxing, Franz almost immediately drives to madness and the train back to Salzburg, but a spirit against his will and without conviction named Egon Stachowiak. When it appears in the flesh seminar room, Franz recognized him at once again. He was the one (but Stop-and-go “from go could actually be no question”) had the other day in slow-moving traffic brazenly him vorbeigedrängelt and the next intersection was fatal collision with a truck. Paralyzed by suffering Franz the scene again? Would Egon not beaten him so briskly, the truck would not have crushed him

From now on, has Franz a shadow next to him, with whom he enters into a symbiosis. Egon needs him to the fulfillment of a great desire, which has thwarted the accident, posthumously still to accomplish. But he advises Franz, as can be its ever-growing problem Bergs Lord. For Linn is blown away by her American guru and Julie vacillates between anger and the pain of love, because “friend” Tamara has her snatched away the swarm right under your nose.

The action is one thing, the lovely Austria can einheimsen -Flair another, with the cold Ingrid Eggers first novel (at least in German readers) sympathy. The title promises a charming tone – a Viennese folk song from the 19th century, whose melancholy and comforting Trivial wisdom one can imagine confidently in the Hans Moser chant: “Happiness is a little bird, | did liab but shy, | it let si difficult to catch, | but fortg’flogn is moving “<

Landes usual is prefixed to the name of the product, and again flashing pearl of the vocabulary on whose meaning facets of context only partly out moves: between.” Geschirrhangerl “and the” hatscherten foot “(for beginners) and a” Wappler “or” Gfrast “(for integration-willing), many occasions all participants have to train a sonorous pronunciation.

the Vogerl of small happiness catch this history behind. Franz studied it by zurückträumt from the barely tolerable daily in the youth time when the love affair with Linn began. Now it seems to escape him. Linn dreams of another life, the man who accompanied her there certainly could stay, including her Franz if he did they not let go so Lusch.

As the little bird needs is not to overexert and herbeizuzwitschern a schnulziges happy ending. Linn and Franz do it (almost) all alone, to reduce their friction surfaces in a pragmatic way a little and has settled at middle Happiness-level .

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Happiness is a little bird by Ingrid Kaltenegger Review
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