The Little Black Boy Essay

The Little Black Boy is my favorite because racial equality was worded in such endearing terms between a mother and child. The light, gentle but comforting tone of the poem is clear and the mood set by the scenery being described shows the simplicity of God’s love. The mother kissing her son and the child sharing this love unknowingly towards other children from the white race evokes a very comforting emotion.  The beams of God’s love are symbols of suffering.

However, the poem’s romanticism was able to mask suffering as holiness when he termed these as the “beams of love.”Part 2: A Little Girl Lost and The Sick RoseBoth poems talk about losing virginity as a sinful and dreadful situation for a maiden in Blake’s era. Although the mood of the first starts lightly with a story, it ends drastically with the maiden’s guilt while the latter poem’s tone is rebuking. Blake used the symbol of the rose for a virgin and the color crimson as a sign of something sinful.

The worm seems to symbolize the sexual desire of a man which can be also held in reference to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.The tone of the first poem is full of self-pity and guilt while the latter’s tone is very judgmental creating a very tense mood. I believe that these poems are too harsh for women because these do not take into consideration that God is forgiving. The loss of physical innocence does not necessarily mean that a woman cannot redeem herself in the eyes of God.

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The Little Black Boy Essay
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