Things India Could Look at for a Little Inspiration From Other Countries

Things India could look at for a little inspiration from other countries We all are totally in love with India. Being Indians, we admire our culture very much and adore all the things around us and the way it happens. Still when we look at other countries we observe some differences and feel not so good about how it happens in our country. And we wish we had such things possibly in our own country too, don’t we? So we bring to you a list of things that India could really look at for a little inspiration and try to make things better.

New York’s high-tech garbage bins In the city of New York, the waste material is collected through vacuum-driven garbage –collection system where that actually sucks trash through pipes under the streets to collect it at a central disposal location. Now, Bigbelly, a Massachusetts-based waste management company is working towards turning garbage bins into wireless hotspots throughout New York City.

More than 170 solar powered “smart” bins have been installed around the city. The bins have a chip attached to it which detects whether the bin is full or not and sends a message to the services to collect it.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea for India too? Well, I am sure we all are fully fed up of streets filled with garbage and smelly trash lying everywhere which leads to various kinds of diseases. London has a knowledge test for taxi drivers. In London, if you wish to be a taxi driver or a London cabbie you require to know over 50,000 points of interest and over 25,000 streets in London.

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Since you have to give a test called “ the knowledge test “ in order to get a license. Now, wouldn’t it be better if our Indian drivers were aware of all the streets since Indian population heavily depend on public transportation since everyone cannot go through their own vehicle? Though google maps have solved this problem to a great extent but only limited to taxis and not auto ,which is widely used all over our country. The Shinkansen – high-speed railway of Japan. The Shinkansen or the bullet train as nicknamed is the busiest high-speed rail in the world. It is a very reliable train since it near-total separated from slower traffic. Its average delay from schedule per train is 54 seconds. Now, imagine a train being on time in India?

Can you? I really can’t. It for sure will be late by at least 15 minutes. Something to really work on. Isn’t it? No Income Tax in these countries. If you are living in Bermuda, Monaco, the Bahamas, Andorra and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) then you don’t have to worry about paying tax. All these countries are tax-free. Now, isn’t that a pleasant thing to know? Indians pay so much tax on everything they buy, be it food or clothes or an electronic item. Service tax and V.A.T and a tax even for the farmer’s development are paid by us. A middle class person is barely earning so much to pay all these taxes and we do not even enjoy the rights which we should in return of the tax we pay. The government should really look into this thing. Air conditioned bus stops Yes, you read that right! Dubai has air conditioned bus stops and we would totally love to have those in India as well. Won’t you? This would change a lot of things since currently, the bus stops aren’t really a concern for the government. They are barely clean and the weather makes it further torturous to wait for the bus. Buses are never on time. In such a scenario, if we have a nice place to sit and wait, it would be less annoying to wait and also save us from the pollution and weather.

Cycle tracks A lot of countries offer well designed and well maintained cycle tracks for the cyclists such as La Route Verte ( Canada), Underground Railroad Bicycle Route ( U.S.A./Canada ) , Ruta Austral ( Chile), Munda Biddi Trail (Western Australia) , Gran Fondo Campagnolo ( Italy), Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City ( Vietnam) and many more. Most of them are specially designed in such a way that it goes through forests with majestic views connecting two places and giving the cyclists an amazing experience. On the other hand, India barely has cycle tracks in the city. It is found only in the Porsche areas of the cities and not everywhere. Wind Turbines in Skyscrapers The Bahrain World Trade Center in Bahrain is the first skyscraper building to have wind turbines integrated into its building. There are three large wind turbines suspended between the two office towers. The towers are aerodynamically tapered to the funnel wind and draw air into the turbines. These wind turbines supply about 15 percent of the electricity used by the skyscraper which is equal to the electricity that is used by 300 homes.

This helps them economically and at the same time helps in saving the environment resources as well. India, as still developing, should look forward to such ideas and inhibit such structural designs in its to be constructed building. This will give the message of preserving the environment to the citizens and inculcate the habit of going green among people. On-campus jobs for students Many universities in America offer jobs in the campus premises to its students such as University of Texas, Arlington. Such opportunities are very beneficial to students, especially to those who come from other parts of the world to study and have to pay off loans they have taken in order to complete their studies. Working in the college campus itself saves a lot of time and does not hamper the studies too. If Indian students could use such opportunities, it would lead to a lot of economic help since living in another city or country involves a lot of money and some people have to quit their plans of studying further due so money issues. Education system Some countries provide free education to students in order to encourage them to study such as Estonia. It is such a small country that people barely know about it but still it offers free education to its students. It is free in the literal sense.

Students get two sets of books to study from, one for home and one for school. Won’t it be wonderful to have something similar in India? We have schemes like mid-day meals through which poor children are lured to go to school and not because of education. This is a sad reality. Even after 69 years of independence, India is still struggling with the literacy rate and something really needs to be done in order to fight from this evil. Sweden’s Recycling Revolution Currently, Sweden is converting its garbage into energy. It is recycling all kind of waste and turning into fuel for creating energy. The scenario is such that Sweden that it is turning to zero waste position. It has started importing garbage from U.K, Italy, Norway and Ireland. This has proved to be a great economic boon to Sweden as it has created a lot of job opportunities and creating of energy at minimal rates. Animal Bridges around the world There are various animal bridges found around the world now since animal protection issue has been getting a lot of attention lately. Various examples of the same are Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada , The Netherlands, B38 – Birkenau, Germany, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, USA , E314 in Belgium , Highway A50 in The Netherlands , Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana, USA and much more . This allows the animals to move around in the jungle without interfering in their life.

Man already with his greed has constructed roads in between jungles and due to this a lot of animals die in road accidents. Natural bridges are a great idea for the protection of animals. India also witnesses a lot of man-animal conflicts on the highways, such natural bridges can help to reduce such accidents to a great extent. Pedestrian crossing All over America it is illegal to cross roads when the signal is green or to walk on the road instead of the footpath. People are heavily fined for not abiding by the law. This leads to reduction in the number of road rage accidents as sometimes due to people crossing the road at the wrong time , the vehicle driver applies the brake to save the life of the pedestrian but in this a car from back comes and collides with the former car. Within few seconds a great accident occurs. Such cases are very usual in India, therefore, the same laws should be applied in India so that such accidents can be avoided.

Strict rape laws In India, we have recently witnessed a lot of cruel cases of rape and molestation. No one can forget the Nirbhiya case. Still the laws are not so strong and the criminal is put into jail for just a limited period of time if juvenile and then rewarded with a sewing machine. What kind of law is that? In countries like Saudi Arabia, the rapist is beheaded in a few days after the trial. In Afghanistan, the rapist is shot to death or hanged and in Egypt and Iran the rapist is hanged till dead. What I mean is not to support any kind of violence but a severe punishment so that someone thinks a thousand times before committing such a heinous crime. Hence, we see that a lot can still be worked upon in our country in order to elevate the quality of our life. We all dearly love our India and respect it in the way it is but we would certainly love to make it even better and work harder to make it the best.

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