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“The Little Prince” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Little Prince”

There is no perfection in the world! (P)

«The Little Prince.” Probably, this is one of the few books that have the same pleasure to read people at a young age, and re-read, already becoming adults. For the first time with this piece I got acquainted still in elementary school. At that time I could only describe it as a fairy tale. And, probably, at the time of the first, so-called “love,” I could not with the work of Saint-Exupery to fully assess properly “Little Prince”. And a big impression on me author’s figures, rather than the text itself. Which, by the way, no less original and interesting

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«When talking to adults:.” I saw a beautiful red brick house, the windows had geraniums, and doves on the roof. ” – They can not imagine this house. They should say: “I saw a house a hundred thousand francs.” And then they exclaim, “How beautiful!” ‘(A)

Re-introduction to one of the most famous works of Saint-Exupery has appeared at times successful and fruitful. And this time, I would characterize it as a parable.

This book though is thoroughly permeated with a slight sadness mixed with a simple but at the same time a deep wisdom.

Describing the “Little Prince “many say that the book is multidimensional. And it is true. The feeling that the product is built on the principle of Matryoshka. It seems that the whole point of this parable is on the surface, but looking more closely, we see that this simple, at first glance, the book confidently and consistently leads readers on a moment again become children. “We all come from childhood” (c) – Exupery says. The author seems to calls to bring in the light of the “mezzanines dusty” the inner world of the child, whom we so hard to hide a

«The Little Prince.” – one of the most quoted books. Almost all of the text apart and scattered by quotations and phrases, some of which have already become winged. It only emphasizes the success written.

«judge himself far more difficult than others. If you can correctly judge yourself, then you are truly wise. ” (C)

«The Little Prince” – the book is amazing and astounding in its content. It has no specific framework, aimed at establishing an audience. It is universal. She says the most important in all times. Topics raised in it are relevant to this day. This is the book you want to re-read, and discover something new for themselves with every reading. Perhaps it should read one.

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